Working for the weekend

♫ Everybody’s working for the weekend ♫
Don’t you just love that song from the 80’s?

working for the weekendNo…of course you don’t, you’re not a 9-5’er. You don’t work Monday through Friday and take two days off to relax and unwind. You’re not working for the weekend. You’re a server, a chef or a bartender and you know that the weekend is your busy time. Your office is a hot kitchen or crowded restaurant and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

We don’t have to tell you that the life of a hospitality worker is a lot different than most other industries. You live tip to tip, ticket to ticket, and your shift usually isn’t over until last call.

Speaking of last call, how awful is the table that comes in ten minutes before close and orders well done steaks, right? They are the worst!

But we digress.

We know you love what you do whether you lace up an apron, put on a chef’s hat, or sling drinks you are proud of your craft. Why not take that pride and strut your stuff in paradise!

working for the weekend

AAG’s Work Experience Australia program has open positions that run the gambit of the hospitality business waiting to be filled by people just like you. Resorts, restaurants, hotels and night clubs are hiring for their upcoming busy seasons and look to AAG to help bring talent to Oz.

You’re a server at a chain restaurant? GO be a Food and Beverage Attendant at an amazing resort where the wilderness meets the Indian Ocean.

You’re a bartender at a local sports bar? GO bartend at some of the hottest venues in Sydney!

You’re a housekeeper at a 2 star hotel? GO be a housekeeper at a friendly and well-paying resort on the Great Ocean Road!

You cook at a fancy restaurant? GO cook at a Port Douglas resort on 4 Mile Beach!

Curious what life would be like when you get down there? Check out these amazing pictures from one of our participants, and hear how this experience changed the lives of others.

According to the

Overcoming the challenges of living and working abroad (such as dealing with bureaucracy, accepting different working practices, and surviving without your usual support network of family and friends) increases your resourcefulness and resilience. Experiencing a different culture or learning a foreign language also makes you more marketable to employers.

Book an appointment with one of our friendly Enrollment Specialists and take the first step to a new life and new adventure down under today!

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