Work Experience Australia

Paid Internships, Externships, & Seasonal Jobs Arranged Before You Arrive!

Add prestige to your resume and gain international experience while exploring the friendly “no worries” culture down under. We have heaps of paid hospitality internships and jobs waiting for you. Land a 6 or 12-month position with a luxury resort or hotel with guaranteed job placement arranged prior to your arrival. Our experienced team will walk you through the entire process–matching you with the right employer, guiding you through interviews, and helping you get settled upon arrival in Australia. This is your chance to earn money living and working down under.

Am I eligible?

Besides being responsible, reliable, and friendly with experience in the food service or hospitality industry, you must also meet the following Australian Working Holiday Visa requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 18 to 30 at time of application
  • Have a passport and a high school diploma (or equivalent qualification)
  • Have not entered Australia on a Working Holiday (417) or Work & Holiday (462) visa
  • Be a citizen of one of the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Chile, China, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, or Uruguay.

What will I be doing?

Work Experience Australia will give you the opportunity to gain valuable direct exposure and insight into the hospitality industry in the fields of culinary, food and beverage, guest services, and more. Work side-by-side with top culinary and hospitality professionals in one of the most highly respected tourist destinations in the world. You will sign a contract with an Australian resort, hotel, or restaurant and will work for 6 months with an option to do another 6 months with another company. We are now accepting applications for:

  • Customer Service Associates
  • Guest Room Attendants
  • Receptionists
  • Shop Assistants

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Where will I live?

In the majority of placements, participants will locate their own housing. But don’t worry, housing is very plentiful in Australia! We provide you with 2 nights’ accommodation at award-winning Wake Up! Sydney hostel, voted #5 in the world by the prestigious Hostelworld.com Customer Annual Ratings (HOSCARS) upon your arrival to Australia. We also provide you with housing links and an orientation before you depart where we discuss tips and tricks on searching for housing in Australia. Finally, if you have any questions when you arrive, our on-ground support office in Melbourne is available to provide individualized assistance. Several of our employers offer housing. These employers are located in rural locations like the Outback and island locations. Let us know if you are interested in one of these locations.

Tell me more about the program fee and costs.

Since the jobs are being offered under a cultural exchange program, there is a required program fee.


6 month placement $1500

12 month placement $2500



Estimated Associated Costs Example The example below is based on the minimum wage and minimum hours per week of the positions we place participants in. In most cases, hourly wage and hours per week exceed the example below. Chefs in our program earn $50,000+ during their 12-month placements.

Minimum Salary: $17.29/hr (30-hour work week)

6-month estimated earnings: $13,486.72 (AUD)

12-month estimated earnings: $26,972.72 (AUD)

Estimated monthly living costs for urban positions.

Monthly housing cost: $900 (AUD)

Monthly leisure cost: $300 (AUD)

Monthly meal cost: $300 (AUD)

Airfare cost (one way): $1,000 (AUD)

Monthly insurance cost: $50 (AUD)

Visa cost: $450 (AUD)

Monthly local transportation cost (housing-work-housing) $50 (AUD)

Estimated monthly living costs for rural/island positions.

Monthly housing cost: $500 (AUD)

Monthly leisure cost: $150 (AUD)

Monthly meal cost: $150 (AUD)

Airfare cost (one way): $1,000 (AUD)

Monthly insurance cost: $50 (AUD)

Visa cost: $450 (AUD)

Monthly local transportation cost (housing-work-housing) $0 (AUD)

Is travel medical insurance available?

Yes, but it is optional. Together with guard.me and QBE, we can give you the peace of mind should an unforeseen event happen while you are away from home. You are in good hands! Learn more about travel medical insurance in Australia and enroll here.

How do I get started?

work experience australia1) Make sure that you meet program eligibility requirements listed above 2) Prepare your CV/Resume 3) Start your online application and upload CV/Resume 4) Pay your deposit 5) Get ready for the time of your life

Our enrollment associates will contact you shortly to discuss your preferences and assist you through the entire interview and placement process.



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