You Just Graduated College, What are you Going to do Now? I'm Going to Australia!

11 Feb

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Work and Travel Australia Participant Leah Shares her Story.

I have always dreamed of traveling across the globe and living in a new country.

Did I think it was going to happen? Not always.

Let me start from the beginning. My name is Leah and I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from the University of Dayton in Ohio this past May with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. All summer I was asked, “Have you applied for a teaching job yet?” In my mind, I knew that was not in the cards for me, at least not yet anyways. I had dreams of working and living in Australia instead. There were still a lot of unknowns though, so I would normally just politely tell everyone that I was still figuring out my plans. Some people at age 22 go straight from university into their career. Some people get married and start raising a family. Then there are those that travel the world, and that is what I wanted to do!

Work and Travel AustraliaNow it’s one thing to talk about making the move and living in another country. It’s an entirely different thing to actually make it happen. One day it finally clicked to me that I wanted to fully commit to work and travel Australia. But then what? I had no idea where to go from there. This is when I did some research and found Alliance Abroad Group. I compared this program with many others to find the best fit for me. I eventually decided on AAG because they were the only program that absolutely guaranteed job placement before I spent all the money on a plane ticket and flew to Australia. Personally I needed that mental security knowing that I would have a job waiting for me when I arrived. I applaud others who can just move to a whole new place and then find a job when they get there, but personally that would stress me out to no end, which is why I love AAG. They helped me with EVERYTHING, from applying for my visa; to setting up an Australian bank account; to giving me advice on insurance and housing. Not only did they set me up with job interviews through Skype, but they also had a mock interview with me to make sure I was prepared and ready for the real interview. I can’t stress how incredibly helpful this was. My advisor, Rose, was there for me every step of the way and responded promptly to my numerous emails requesting for more information about anything and everything. Overall, I would highly recommend Alliance Abroad Group to anyone who is committed to moving and working abroad, but also wants a team there to help guide them through the process.

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