Winter is Coming

As we say goodbye to summer and slowly trudge into fall a few things become clear: soon we will see cooler temperatures, shorter days, and we will have to come to grips with the harsh reality that winter is coming. Now unless you live and work at a ski resort or think that shoveling is the best cardio workout you can get for free then you will probably agree: winter sucks!

While in years past you may have seen little to no recourse from the impending doom of freezing temps, coats that don’t fit through doors and whatever a polar vortex is, this year can be different.

Come work, live, and play in the wonderful world of Oz.

No, not that Oz, we’re talking Australia!

winterSpring is just beginning down under and what comes after spring? SUMMMMMMMER! Can you imagine back to back summers? While back to back summers may sound like a mythical unicorn, or that story you heard about the guy getting two Snickers from the vending machine at the same time. Trust us this is for real!

winterAAG is looking to fill positions immediately at many of the country’s hottest resorts, hotels and venues. We have bartender, housekeeping, food and beverage attendant, chef and many other opportunities available right now!

Spend 6-12 months working and playing in a country that is consistently rated one of the “friendliest countries” in the world. Our packages start at $1,500 and include guaranteed job placement in Australia earning on average $19 an hour.

You also receive:

  • Professional CV/Resume review
  • Guidance through interview process
  • Help finding safe, affordable housing
  • 2 nights hostel accommodation upon arrival
  • Orientation and training
  • Assistance with your Tax Refund
  • And much more!

Shake off the winter blues before they even hit and come see how AAG can turn your dreams of traveling into a reality.

Apply now!
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