Hiring for Jobs at Resort in Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands

Positions: Food & Beverage Attendant with bar experience
Location: 4 Star Resort in Whitsunday Islands (Queensland, Australia)
Pay Rate: $17.14 per hour
Start Date: ASAP
Position Overview: To ensure that the first to the last impressions the guest receives are favorable.


Must meet eligibility requirements to apply

Key Responsibilities:

  • whitsunday islandsAttend to guests in an efficient, friendly manner
  • To adhere to standards and procedures detailed in staff handbook and applicable to the position of Food & Beverage attendant
  • To always relay guest complaints and comments to the Supervisor or Manager and where possible solve any guest problems
  • Ensure all grooming standards are met
  • Be aware of all resort promotions
  • Up selling of Food and Beverage at every opportunity
  • Provide responsible alcoholic beverage services as set out in the Liquor Licensing Legislation
  • Ensure quality control of all food and beverages to guests
  • Ensure all food and beverage areas are maintained in a hygienic, tidy and safe manner as set out by the cleaning roster and management
  • Positively contribute in the ongoing development of the resort’s food and beverage product and service initiatives
  • To be thoroughly oriented with the rules and regulations of the resort
  • To co-operate effectively with fellow workers and all departments within the resort, promoting inter-departmental relations
  • To comply with instructions given by the employer, for workplace health and safety

whitsunday islands
Your chance to work on one of the seven islands of the Molle Group, a sub-group of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland is here. The island is small, measuring 1 km in length and 400 m at its widest point. Located on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, visitors arrive via ferry (from Airlie Beach) or plane. It is a 90 minute flight from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, to the nearby Great Barrier Reef Airport.

The Whitsunday region enjoys a tropical climate of hot summers, warm winters and sunny spring and autumn days. Average temperatures range from around 22 – 23 degrees Celsius in the winter months and up to 29 – 32 degrees Celsius in December and January during the height of summer. Water temperatures remain at around 25 degrees Celsius most of the year. The tropical wet season occurs during January to March when days can be steamy and the summer heat is often broken by tropical showers. Needless to say The Whitsunday Islands attract tourists from all over the world, whether its snorkeling & scuba diving the coral reefs, relaxing days spent on white sandy beaches or jumping out of an airplane to views of 74 islands dotted throughout bright blue seas there is something for everyone.

whitsunday islandsLiving on this island can be quite an adventure on its own. Imagine yourself living on a tropical island spending your spare time lying in a hammock watching whales breach just meters from where you are lying, or snorkeling the coral reef off the island.

Working here requires you to live in the local village, with approximately 170 other staff from all over the world each with their own story to tell. The village has 75 shared accommodation rooms located on the Southern tip of the island. Twin share rooms are small and cozy while the 4 and 6 bed dormitories boast a spacious living area and a balcony overlooking the pool and the Coral Sea. Rent per week for the dorms is $62.50 per week and includes utilities and TV.

whitsunday islandsFacilities in the village include a staff pool, staff BBQ, staff laundry and a staff gym; all of which are free of charge. A lazy 2 minute walk from the accommodation is the staff bar, a facility provided to the staff for socialization. It includes a pool table, speaker system, large refrigerator, vending machine, fully equipped kitchen, BBQ’s and a Cinema room for all of your entertainment needs. The staff is encouraged to make use of this free facility away from the accommodation so those who may not wish to socialize can get the peace and quiet they need to relax and refresh.


This island is one of the closest inhabited islands to the mainland, meaning cabin fever is not an issue. A quick and cheap 25 minute ferry ride is all it takes to get to the mainland to do some shopping, run some errands, or explore the transient seaside village of Airlie Beach and its surrounds.


Whitsunday Islands

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