Seasonal H-2B Work USA

Seasonal H-2B Work USA




If you are currently good standing with your H-2B visa and looking for your next job, please apply now!

Once your application has been received, we will alert you of any open positions for which you are eligible.

Types of Positions:
Line Cook
Food Preparation
Food Service
Crew Member

Email: h2bextension@allianceabroad.com

Short-term Seasonal H-2B Work USA

The H-2B Visa USA program is available to both students and non-students, and offers individuals the opportunity to work in the United States for a period of time defined by a company’s seasonal or peak-need in their business. The program also allows individuals to remain in the United States for three consecutive years on the H-2B visa working for different employers each season.

You’ll have a chance to meet new friends, learn about U.S. culture, improve your English, and add international experience to your CV. Work in everything from landscapers/groundskeepers to bartenders/waiters, work at amusement parks, water parks, ski resorts and more!


  • Be at least 18 years of age (no age limit)
  • Be willing to work in unskilled positions
  • Possess intermediate level of English (be able to have a basic conversation in English)


  • First the US employer applies to the US government to gain permission to hire seasonal (winter or summer) H-2B workers.
  • Next the employer decides which eligible candidates they would like to hire.
  • Then each H-2B worker applies for and (hopefully) is granted their H-2B visa or visa extension.

Things to Remember:

  • This process is very long and usually takes 6-7 months for an employer from start to finish.
  • Each H-2B worker must have an offer of employment from a US company before they can apply for the H-2B visa.



Alliance Abroad Group matches applicants with H-2B positions available through the companies we work with. The types of jobs are typically servers, cooks, housekeepers, kitchen assistants, and landscapers. Our employers are located all over the country and range from country clubs to landscaping companies to ski resorts.

Things to Remember:

  • Our employers have the final decision in who they select to interview and to hire. Therefore AAG cannot guarantee placement with a specific employer or in a specific location/region.
  • There are thousands of H-2B applicants and relatively few H-2B positions so we cannot guarantee a job offer or even an interview.



Additional questions:

What if I have a US employer that would like to hire me on an H-2B visa but doesn’t know how? Can AAG help with the visa paperwork?
If you know an employer who is interested in hiring you on an H-2B visa, the employer must contact AAG directly. They can submit a request to h2bextension@allianceabroad.com or call AAG directly. Please keep in mind that it takes 6-7 months to process H-2B paperwork.

How long is the H-2B visa?
The H-2B visa is seasonal, twice a year (winter and summer) and generally lasts anywhere from 4-10 months. Before your H-2B visa expires, you can reapply for an H-2B visa extension with a new employer to stay another season. You may do this for up to three years before you’re required to return to your home country.

How do I apply?
Please visit our H-2B Application page and submit a copy of your resume and a copy of the application form.

Please be prepared with the following:

  • Passport details
  • Current visa details (if applicable)
  • Resume/CV

Is there a deadline for my application?
There is no set deadline. However, it’s usually best to submit your application and inquire about new positions June to August and December to March.

What if I don’t have a resume?
On the H-2B Application page, AAG provides a “Resume Template” to assist you. Please fill it out with as much details as possible. If you already have your own resume created, please submit that one.

What happens once I submit my application?
Once you submit your application, your resume and application form will be reviewed. If there are any issues, AAG will contact you. If everything looks good, you will be added to the list of applicants. Then if AAG has a position that becomes available that matches your work history (and H-2B visa end date if you are looking for an H-2B extension), we will contact you! No further action is required on your part.

Why haven’t I received any news about my application?
If you haven’t heard from AAG regarding your application it’s because we do not currently have any positions for which you are eligible. Also, please remember that there are thousands of H-2B applicants and relatively few H-2B positions so we cannot guarantee a job offer or even an interview.

How do I know what positions you have available?
Due to the seasonal nature of the H-2B program, the best time to inquire about new positions is June-August and December-March.

What if I am selected for a position through AAG?
If you are selected for a position by one of our employers, Alliance Abroad Group will assist you with your paperwork, embassy process and arrival details to your new H-2B employer.


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