Hiring for a Trendy Barbecue Restaurant in Brisbane

Barbecue Restaurant
Positions: Servers
Pay: $17-$18/hr (Full Time)
Duration: 6 Months
Start Date: March 2014
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
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American-Style Barbecue Restaurant in Brisbane!

Work for a restaurant that combines the best bits of American culture: southern smokehouse cuisine and city tunes, plus handcrafted beers – right in beautiful Brisbane.

Barbecue Restaurant

Smitten with the best American BBQ states, this joint excels at the good, honest effort it takes to make brisket melt-in-the-mouth juicy and the way a sunset softens the vast expanse.

This trendy BBQ establishment provides the rustic appeal of country-smoked meat to city peeps in a place that’s loose and cosy, where you can flaunt it to some funky beats. In this happy house of smoke: American pit-master wisdom meets Australian cheek. Here your ‘cue’ will come to you super smoky from hickory chips that impart bittersweet tones to slow-cooked local cuts. While your handcrafted, hard-to-source ‘brew’, smoked cocktails and snifters of fine whiskey will intensify the slow burn.

What are you waiting for? Apply now if you know you want to go at some point this year!

Barbecue Restaurant

PLEASE NOTE: These paid positions are being offered under a cultural exchange program. As such, there is a program fee and eligibility requirements required to participate. Eligible candidates can defer this fee and everyone will recover all upfront fees upon the successful completion of the program. It will come in the form of a tax return. Speak to a representative for more details (application fee must be paid to begin the job placement process).

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