The Skilled Professionals Program

There’s no place on the planet quite like Australia. It’s a land of incredible landscapes and unimaginable beauty. Australia is also a country of endless opportunities for skilled professionals. If you have always wanted to take your trade on a travel adventure and earn more money while experiencing the vibrant yet laid back Aussie culture, we have opportunities for you!

Australian employers are seeking skilled culinary professionals to work in world-class resorts, restaurants and hotels and will sponsor them for up to 3 years. If you are enthusiastic and adventurous and want to earn more money and live in the land known for beautiful beaches, rugged outback and sophisticated cities, you are the perfect candidate for this fantastic “down under” work, live and play opportunity.

If you meet the eligibility requirements set by the Australian government, then we’ll help you every step of the way from visa and migration assistance, job placement, housing support and more. Spouses and dependent children are also eligible to accompany you*.


*Please note that additional fees and conditions may apply, e.g. you must have proof of marriage and dependents must be under 18 years of age.


 Positions begin at a minimum annual salary of AUD $54,500


Program Support Includes

  • GUARANTEED job placement BEFORE you depart
  • Pre-departure support
  • Professional resume optimization and interview training and preparation
  • Assistance with obtaining required travel medical insurance
  • Assistance with securing the most competitive travel rates
  • Two nights hostel accommodation upon arrival
  • Housing orientation and support to help find secure, safe and affordable housing
  • Support once in Australia
  • Assistance with Australian tax numbers, refunds and requirements
  • Migration assistance



Australian employers will sponsor skilled professionals that meet the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (457) requirements:

 Cost & Fees

 The jobs are being offered under a cultural exchange program so there is a required fee. The fee includes the visa costs, migration attorney assistance and pre-departure and in-country support services.

We are currently only offering the skilled professionals program to eligible citizens of Mexico and Jamaica.

The program fees will vary by country of citizenship and position location in Australia.


USD $6,800


 Australian Cost of Living

 The example below is based on the minimum annual salary of AUD $54,500 and the annual average living costs that may vary by region in Australia.

Australian Cost of Living Chart



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We are currently accepting applications for experienced cooks and chefs. The Skilled Professionals Program will give you the opportunity to develop your culinary talents in one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world. You will sign a contract with an Australian resort, hotel or restaurant to work for up to 3 years.


Based on your qualifications, you’ll be placed in one of the high-end, luxury resorts or restaurants in Australia. Are you an adventurous explorer? Consider the breathtaking lush landscape of Tasmania. If city life is more your style, we have guaranteed placements in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.


In the majority of placements, participants will locate their own housing. But don’t worry, housing is very plentiful in Australia! We provide you with 2 nights of hostel accommodation upon your arrival to Australia. We also provide housing links and an orientation before you depart and tips on housing searches. If you have any questions when you arrive, our support office is available to provide individualized assistance. Several of our employers in rural or island locations like Tasmania offer employee housing at a subsidized rate.


Travel medical insurance is required by the Australian government. Together with our insurance partner, we can give you peace of mind should an unforeseen event happen while you are away from home. Learn more about travel medical insurance in Australia and enroll at http://guard.me/aai.

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