Teach Program Testimonial

Teach Program Testimonial

Glozie’s Story about her journey to the land of the free!

each Program TestimonialIt was that moment I remembered arriving at LAX airport last August 26, 2013 with fear and enthusiasm what will my journey to this place will bring me. It was odd that the immigration officer asked a lot of questions, reasons why am I in America… series of questions that I thank God that I know I gave them my best answer and most of all… my best smile. I was tired and it was a long travel and waiting for the connecting flight to Albuquerque New Mexico, and from there I remembered a four hour drive to Ganado Arizona. I wasn’t surprised with the view for I know it was a reservation where I will be working and sharing my knowledge and my culture as Filipinos in a foreign land.

each Program TestimonialThe first time I laid my eyes on the community (District) I know it was my place ….where I belong I had that feeling that after the long wait finally this is it. On top of the hill there was a letter G on the top of the hill I said wow it’s my Hill! “GLOZIE HILL” that why it was G and it was mean to be. I had a great year I have worked with all my best and effort to share what I know as an ESS Inclusion Teacher for the High School. I got the freshmen and the sophomore group. It is not an easy Job it was a hard work for but despite of all I am so happy when the Arizona Department of Education checked my IEP’s it was all in compliance.


each Program TestimonialI participated in all school and community activities rendering my service whenever they need me. I am granted to be one of the sponsor of the year book for this year and I so happy that they said “First ever that the yearbook comes and published in time 3 days before graduation” They like how I lay out the book but of course I will not be able to do it with the help of my Second Mother, my mentor here in Ganado Mrs. Dedman (District Librarian) whom I work with the clubs, collaborated and worked together. I even got the chance to teach 3 Filipino native dances and the student in the High School presented during the cultural night. I also cooked Pansi (Bihon), Chicken Adobo which they also liked the same thing with the Pansit (Canton) that Mr. Vanta did cooked too on the same event. I am thankful for my AAG family as my program sponsor and with all my heart you have done a lot for me and looking forward for another fruitful year to come.

Thank You and God Bless!

each Program Testimonial

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