Australia Expands Working Holiday Visa Program

Working Holiday Down Under

Due to its thriving economy, the Australian Government is encouraging greater cultural exchange by expanding its Working Holiday Visa (WHV) Program to a larger list of partner countries. This expansion has increased travel and employment opportunities for many and has sparked renewed interest in migration to Australia from across the globe.

With over 249,000 working holiday visas granted in the 2012-13 period there was a 15.8% increase in successful applicants from the previous year and these visas were granted to people from a wide range of countries including South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and more.

Working Holiday

Australia is currently in negotiations to expand their list of partner countries for the WHV Program with countries including Czech Republic, Greece, Mexico, Poland and Portugal, just to name a few. There has also been a record number of Second Working Holiday Visas granted, which is when working holiday visa holders obtain a further 12 months stay after their first year by completing three months (or 88 days) of specified work in a regional area of Australia. The increase in the number of Second WHV’s granted since this opportunity was first introduced in 2005 is significant with the amount growing from 2692 in the 2005-2006 period to over 38,862 in 2012-13.

Statistics published by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for the most recent fiscal year indicate that over 75% of cases for the First WHV were finalised within 6 calendar days and most Second WHV applications finalised within approximately 21 days. Cases where additional checks are required, such as health or character, will result in a longer processing time.

A Working Holiday Visa is a great way for young people to visit Australia and experience the diversity that Australia has to offer. If you or someone you know is considering a Working Holiday to Australia, Alliance Abroad can help make it a reality.

Original article by Hanna Eliasson | Migration Expert Australia

Job Openings at Luxury Resorts in Tasmania

Tasmania Jobs at Luxury Resorts
October Start Dates – Apply Now!

tasmania jobs

Tasmania is BEAUTIFUL!

The hospitality positions we have available in Tasmania are a great option for a 6 month working holiday, with a salary up to $25/hour and inexpensive housing for staff – great for those wanting to save money. The resorts we are staffing are close to Freycinet National Park, which gets 310 days of sunshine a year- really nice climate. In summer its light till 10.30 at night!

SetWidth978-Freycinet2 One resort that is hiring was voted best hotel in Australia!  The price for guests is $1800-3000 per night. Only 20 rooms, so this place is very intimate. It is luxury, but beautifully designed to blend in with the environment. It is all about guest experience here. With so few guests, the resort expects staff to know all their names and interests to create a personal experience. Staff here need to be friendly, personable and care about guests. No attitude. All meals and drinks (including alcohol) is included, and the chef has been voted in the Top 10 in Australia – the food is amazing! Guests can do lots of free activities. There is a staff of guides for hikes, swimming, kayaking, tours, oyster farming, tasting, etc…

tasmania jobs

The other resort is the only hotel located within the National Park. It’s on the waters edge with stunning views. Lots of animals in the area! The housekeeping staff have adopted some wallabies who follow them from room to room and wait for scraps to eat. Very cute. There are also lots of wombats, quolls and other native animals. The water is crystal clear you can see the white sand clearly.
The National Park has lots of hikes and walks- from 1 hour to 3 days. Beautiful area. There are lots of camping sites and also other hotels and cabins in the area- though none are in the actual park.
This is Australia’s best kept secret!

Staff Life

tasmania jobs

Staff accommodation for both these properties is about 5-10 minute drive from the property (or a 30 minute walk along the beach). There are 8 houses on one big property and each one has 4-5 bedrooms. All staff get their own room. Each house is fully furnished, has a kitchen and lounge room. There are laundry facilities for all the house. There is a big area of BBQs and it has a summer camp feel.

A Tasmania resort job is a good option for those who want to save money and also enjoy the outdoors. Lots of hiking, swimming, and great weather over summer. It’s always sunny, with clean fresh air. No pollution, or other bright lights. It is really amazing to sit outside, hear the animals, and look at the stars.


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