Program Coordinator-POSITION FILLED!

marketing coordinator
Position: Program Coordinator
Start Date: August 18, 2014
Duration of the position: 6 months
Pay: Internship Stipend
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Send Your Resume Here: Program and Marketing Coordinator Internship

Program Coordinator Down Under

Work for us!! Be a part of our growing and exciting program to promote international cultural exchange in the Business & Events industry: This is a very busy and challenging but rewarding job that will require a lot of independent decision making.

Job Description:

You would be working with participants that are coming to Australia on working-holiday visas.


Want to Live and Work Abroad?

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work abroad

Work Abroad: Five Reasons to Get a Job Before You Get There

It’s a romantic idea to don your backpack and go abroad, finding work when you can and moving on when you’re ready. It becomes a lot less romantic when you’re spending every day in your exotic destination filling out job applications and watching your money melt away. The fact is, when you take off for a place like Australia, you’re competing for jobs with up to half a million other backpackers and another half a million high school graduates (they call them school leavers in Australia). That’s one reason it’s so much better to have a job before you get there.

1) You’re competing with about a million other people: Unless your skill set and credentials are off the charts, by Australian standards, you could spend a lot of your time away job hunting—that’s not fun no matter where you are. If you work with someone like Alliance Abroad Group, you already rise to the top of the stack of resumes because organizations like ours have agreements with employers to prescreen applicants and send employers the cream of the crop. Also, employers save a certain number of spots for AAG employees.

2) Desperation Leads to Bad Choices: From the comfort of home, you can evaluate offers. Restaurant has a shady reputation? No thanks. They’re offering you a week of unpaid work just to “try you out?” No thanks. They’re going to pay you in cash but you’re not to tell anyone you work there? What’s that about? They have 16 hour shifts? That’s illegal. If you’ve spent weeks looking for a job and you’re running low on cash, you might say “I’ll take it” to something you’d never consider otherwise.

There are plenty of great resorts, hotels and restaurants that not only pay really well (try around $21 an hour) but also will build your resume. These are the ones AAG works with. So before you leave home, you have a contract that explains exactly what you’ll be doing, what your hours will be and what you’ll get paid. This will also make your parents happy.

3) Having a Job Gives You Instant Community: Employment tends to be less hierarchical in Australia than it is in the U.S. After work, you, your co-workers, and your bosses may all go out for a game of Aussie Rules football or a pint. Being a lone wanderer in a foreign country is great in the short term, but really becoming part of the community with locals who can show you the best parts of the country makes the whole experience richer.

4) Having a Job Leaves You Time for the Sexier Parts of International Travel: And no, we’re not talking about sex. We’re talking about making friends students from France or Russia or China at your new job; planning weekends in the outback or snorkeling adventures that you can actually afford, because you have a job. We’re talking about getting a little bit Aussified, and learning expressions like “Dinky-di” and which form of “Bluey” someone means in a sentence. There’s plenty of time for the kind of serendipitous, hair-raising adventures travelers love to collect, but job hunting isn’t really one of them.

5) Having a Job Shifts You From Surviving to Savoring: Once you have a job you can find a place to live. If you work through AAG we can help you with that, and even find you roommates from other countries to enrich your experience. Once you have a job, you can learn the local public transportation system, start planning your day trips, check out your local supermarket, find your favorite coffee shop.

Life and work abroad is a huge adventure, but it can be stressful not knowing what to expect from one day to the next. Having a job first strips a lot of the stress, leaving only the excitement of discovery.

Front Desk Reception Jobs with Perth Hotel

front desk reception jobs
Positions: Front Desk Reception (must have hotel front desk experience)
(also available: Food and Beverage, Room Attendant, Kitchen Steward, Porter, & Night Auditor)
Company: 5 Star Hotel in Downtown Perth
Pay: approx. $17 – $22/hr
Start Date: May 2014
Duration: 6 months
Location: Perth, WA

Apply HereRequest InfoContact Us


Baristas Needed in Australia

Positions: Baristas (experience required)
Pay: $17-$22/hr (up to 40-hour work weeks)
Start Date: April/May 2014
Duration: 6 to 12 months
Location: Sydney (other locations available throughout the year)

Apply HereRequest InfoContact Us


Are you a Barista with heavy volume experience? Do you know 15 to 20 different kinds of coffee? Do you want to take your skills and passion for coffee to Australia?

If you answered yes to the questions above and meet the Australian Work & Holiday visa requirements, then we can have you in the land down under creating delicious, caffeinated beverages for the beautiful people of Australia.

My First Friend in America Contest

My First Friend in America

AAG’s motto is “We help you write your own story.” Each year over 8,000 J-1 visa holders sponsored by AAG travel to the U.S. to experience cultural exchange in a unique way.

To help capture their stories, we sponsored a My First Friend in America participant contest. Participants were asked to share their story in regards to their first friend in the U.S. Our grand prize winner was Alejandra Rita Quiroz Linares, a Summer Work Travel participant working at Attitash Mountain Resort in New Hampshire. You can read her story below. (more…)

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