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Bar Managers
Bar staff
Cocktail Waitresses

Pay Rate: $17-$30/hr
Start Date: September 2014
Duration: 6 months
Location: Throughout Sydney

***Interviews Conducted Via Skype***
August 7th or 8th | MUST APPLY BY JULY 24th

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Better than Australia on a Shoestring

Australia on a Shoestring


There have been many articles, books, and blogs written on “how to travel Australia on a budget” or Australia on a Shoestring, and rightfully so. Australia is the number one dream destination for most everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, especially Americans, and it is quite an expensive place to holiday. Even getting to Australia could put a massive dent into your travel budget. Unfortunately for most (especially younger cash-strapped generations), traveling to Australia is a dream never seen through to fruition. This, however, doesn’t need to be the case. Studentsyoung professionals, and emerging travel enthusiasts have an option better than traveling down under cheaply: Working Abroad.


Students at most Universities are presented with an option to study abroad. It’s a great opportunity to experience another culture while continuing your education if you have the money, or don’t mind adding to your student debt. I took the chance on studying abroad when I was in college, and it was an experience I will never forget; partly because I’m still paying for it. If I was approached back then with an opportunity to not just live overseas for a while, but make money while I was there, I would not have thought twice about it. A paid internship abroad is an invaluable experience that furthers your education with real-life, hands-on training, all the while putting money in your pocket to explore the culture. I’m not saying you shouldn’t study abroad if you have the chance. It’s life-changing. I’m saying studying abroad is not your only option for an extended experience overseas. A paid internship abroad is for every student who wouldn’t be able to afford a study abroad experience, or isn’t offered a study abroad program at their school. A paid internship in Australia for students can simply be a click away.


Young professionals (18-30 years old) may never even think about taking working overseas. You have a great opportunity to further your career with by adding international experience to your resume. Working for well-respected, global brand companies overseas adds tremendous value to your work history, and will make your resume stand out among the rest. Working alongside established professionals abroad gives rise to better understanding of your industry on a global scale. Taking 6 months or year off from work to travel overseas is not practical for any young professional that has to support themself, unless that time was spent earning a living wage and furthering your career. There are great opportunities to work abroad in Australia.


Young travel enthusiasts looking to be the next wanderlust kings and queens must work hard for months or even years to save enough money for adventures abroad. Time spent traveling is limited to your budget, and most of you have to slum your way around your vacation destination. Staying at cheap hostels, couch surfing, eating cheaply (or eating less), and being forced to get creative with how to get around has become your go-to traveling playbook. Extensive planning and research can provide you with only a limited amount of knowledge on what to do, where to go, and how much it is actually going to cost. A Working Holiday Abroad, however, provides you with the opportunity to earn your traveling money while you’re in your travel destination, all the while giving you authentic, local insight on what to do and where to go when you are done working. Wouldn’t you rather be saving your Australia vacation money working in Australia?


These articles, books, and travel channel shows offering insight on how to afford Australia are definitely worth investigating. They will provide you with useful tips on free or cheap things to do, affordable places to eat and stay, and maybe even inexpensive ways to get around. But how long will your trip down under be? After your $2,000 (roughly) round trip airfare, how much money is left for you and how long will it last? It is quite possible for somebody to spend up to three weeks in Australia with a couple thousand dollars in their pocket, but is that enough time and money to do the many different exciting things you can do down under? Probably not. A true, lasting cultural experience is obtained by living overseas, and interacting with locals outside of touristy areas on a daily basis. Work alongside locals for 6 or 12 months and truly learn what life is like there. For Australia, one of the best countries in the world to live in, a work experience or paid internship is not just the best option for studentsyoung professionals, and travelers, for most it is the only option.

Australia on a Shoestring

Paid Internships in Australia

Job Placement for Australia Working Holiday Programs

AUSTIN, Texas, June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Take a break from your ordinary routine to explore life down under. Work Experience Australia is an exciting and unique way to build international work experience while exploring one of the most breath-taking places in the world. Meet incredible people, enjoy direct exposure to the friendly “no worries” culture, and earn a higher-than-average starting salary during an international work experience in one of the most highly respected destinations within the Tourism & Hospitality industry.
Paid Internships in AustraliaThis program offers paid hospitality internships with guaranteed job placement arranged before arrival. And, since it’s truly a work experience–not just a job–you will learn about the policies, systems and procedures that well-respected tourist destinations and luxury resorts have in place to effectively promote, manage, and grow business. Work Experience Australia will give you the opportunity to gain valuable direct exposure and insight into the hospitality industry in the fields of culinary, food and beverage, guest services, and more.

  • Earn money to help fund your studies or travels while abroad
  • Elevate your career path by working in well-known, luxury resorts
  • Learn, first-hand, from respected leaders in the hospitality industry
  • Get guided support before, during, and after your travels

Alliance Abroad Group, a leader in creating cultural exchange experiences for the global community, announces new opportunities in their Work Experience Australia program. AAG’s Australia program offers paid hospitality jobs in many of Australia’s top resorts. Exciting locations include Tasmania, which has been voted the most beautiful place in Australia, 7th best beach in the world, and is on Lonely Planet’s Top 10 places to visit in 2013. Available positions are Food and Beverage, Room Attendant, Kitchen Steward, and Spa Therapist. Australian employers are eagerly awaiting to interview participants on July 15, 2013 and July 16, 2013 for position start dates of October 2013. Visit the Alliance Abroad Australia website for more information on available positions and locations. There are even open positions for qualified Surf Instructors at Bondi Beach in Sydney!

Program Details

  • 12-Month Placement: $2,500 USD ($500 deposit with application)
  • 6-Month Placement: $1,375 USD ($275 deposit with application)
  • Deferred payment financing available to those that qualify. Add $130 for specific location placement.
  • Tax back program – Since the jobs are being offered under a cultural exchange program, there is a program fee which may be recovered upon completion of your employment term (it will come in the form of a tax reimbursement). As a non-resident of Australia, you are eligible for a refund of income taxes paid during your employment term. In many cases, this refund is in excess of the initial program fee. AAG will help facilitate this refund for you, making this an almost zero cost endeavor!

Program eligibility requirements include:

  • Be between the ages of 18 to 30 with a valid passport
  • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent qualification)
  • Obtain the required visa/paperwork prior to employment
  • Have not previously entered Australia on a Working Holiday (417) or Work & Holiday (462) visa
  • Not be accompanied by dependent children
  • Must be a citizen of one of the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Chile, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay or Turkey.

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Paid Internships in Australia

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Better Than Ever! Book Your Australian Working Holiday

The AAG team has been working harder than ever to deliver the best program options and features to you. Thanks to growing demand for the Work Experience Australia program along with the partnerships we’ve been able to secure in Australia, we are now reconfiguring our program package to offer you even more value while paying less! Say whaaa? That’s right, we’ve been able to consolidate resources and pass along the savings to you. Now your dream of working abroad in Australia and experiencing their awesome “no worries” culture just got one step closer to an attainable reality.

Professional Career Development

Here’s the deal… we have heaps of paying hospitality jobs for young professionals that want to develop their career in Australia. The previous program price for a 6-month work experience with guaranteed paid position was $2,500 USD. Now, the program fee is  $2,500 $1,375 USD (only $275 deposit due at sign up) for a 6-month placement or $2,500 (only $500 due at sign up) for a 12-month placement.

Plus, for a limited number of those who qualify, a deferred payment financing option is available. Pay the program fee with your tax refund after you return home. Some special conditions apply, so be sure to ask an enrollment advisor for details.

Interested? Book your Work Experience Australia program now to secure your desired positions and employment location. Or, request more information to speak with an enrollment advisor.


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