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Oskar Arevalo

My Australian Work Experience

Oskar ArevaloBy Oscar Arevalo

I am loving life in Oz! I live right in the middle of the Central Business District in Sydney, the largest city in Australia cooking food at a five star hotel for the best pay I have ever had by far.

The Work Experience Australia program has given me the opportunity to travel overseas and experience working in a foreign country in a way I could not have done on my own. Furthermore, I have seen the steps required to move to another continent and find employment. As I understand it, the majority of the jobs found for participants in the program are at major brand hotels. Working in a hotel has given me extremely valuable experience, especially in large-scale banquet service. The pay in Australia is so, so good; its very tempting to work the whole time, but the Visa is work and “holiday” and I would urge all participants to travel and have a real holiday for at least a portion of the visit.


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