International Chefs: Australia Beckons

international chefs

You can be an international chef anywhere

So why not in the Land Down Under?

It’s not all meat pies and Vegemite, mate. Australians and the six million tourists who visit each year have a passion for world class cuisine. In fact, Tourism Australia has made Food and Wine a major focus in its last campaign. So you could be part of a movement!

But Australia, which has a fairly small population, needs more great chefs to provide fabulous dishes for natives and visitors alike. The opportunity here is huge! And don’t forget the opportunity for gorgeous beaches, fabulous snorkeling in coral reefs, rugged interiors, abundant sunshine, and incredibly friendly people.

And instead of employment hurdles and red tape, the Aussie government has smoothed the way for international chefs, creating several paths to employment. The most popular of these is the 457 visa, a visa with a relatively quick process time and with a range of benefits both for the visa holder and his or her partner and children– if they have them. To get a 457 visa, applicants need to have a secured job and their employer needs to apply on their behalf.

Another option is the General Skilled Migration Visa (GSM) visa- which doesn’t rely on having a job upfront and is a great option for those who prefer to get the visa first.

Whichever path you pick, one thing is for sure: as an international chef you will be highly sought after and have the opportunity to forge a great career and lifestyle in Australia.

Interested in applying to work as an international Chef in Australia?


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