Tourism Australia Launches Best Jobs in the World Campaign

What’s your idea of a dream job? How about a festival and event reviewer in the energetic and vibrant city of Sydney, Australia. Perhaps you’d love to be a wildlife caretaker. Or, imagine waking up each morning to report to duty on a tropical beach adjacent to the colorful Great Barrier Reef.

Well, your chance to land a dream job in Australia is finally here.

Tourism Australia will give away six of their “best jobs in the world” as part of a $4 million youth tourism campaign designed to attract working holiday participants to the country.

Each of the jobs offered will highlight the best attributes of each Australian state and territory.


So, what are your chances of winning one of the six “best jobs in the world” offered through the campaign? Uh, not good. Thousands, even millions, will attempt to land one of these coveted positions. But fear not! We are offering a ton of equally amazing paid hospitality jobs in Australia that are much more attainable (providing you have some professional experience).

For tips on how to get one step closer toward your dream job abroad, read our blog post, “How to Apply for the Best Jobs in Australia.”


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