Australia Expands Working Holiday Visa Program

Working Holiday Down Under

Due to its thriving economy, the Australian Government is encouraging greater cultural exchange by expanding its Working Holiday Visa (WHV) Program to a larger list of partner countries. This expansion has increased travel and employment opportunities for many and has sparked renewed interest in migration to Australia from across the globe.

With over 249,000 working holiday visas granted in the 2012-13 period there was a 15.8% increase in successful applicants from the previous year and these visas were granted to people from a wide range of countries including South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and more.

Working Holiday

Australia is currently in negotiations to expand their list of partner countries for the WHV Program with countries including Czech Republic, Greece, Mexico, Poland and Portugal, just to name a few. There has also been a record number of Second Working Holiday Visas granted, which is when working holiday visa holders obtain a further 12 months stay after their first year by completing three months (or 88 days) of specified work in a regional area of Australia. The increase in the number of Second WHV’s granted since this opportunity was first introduced in 2005 is significant with the amount growing from 2692 in the 2005-2006 period to over 38,862 in 2012-13.

Statistics published by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for the most recent fiscal year indicate that over 75% of cases for the First WHV were finalised within 6 calendar days and most Second WHV applications finalised within approximately 21 days. Cases where additional checks are required, such as health or character, will result in a longer processing time.

A Working Holiday Visa is a great way for young people to visit Australia and experience the diversity that Australia has to offer. If you or someone you know is considering a Working Holiday to Australia, Alliance Abroad can help make it a reality.

Original article by Hanna Eliasson | Migration Expert Australia

Better Than Ever! Book Your Australian Working Holiday

The AAG team has been working harder than ever to deliver the best program options and features to you. Thanks to growing demand for the Work Experience Australia program along with the partnerships we’ve been able to secure in Australia, we are now reconfiguring our program package to offer you even more value while paying less! Say whaaa? That’s right, we’ve been able to consolidate resources and pass along the savings to you. Now your dream of working abroad in Australia and experiencing their awesome “no worries” culture just got one step closer to an attainable reality.

Professional Career Development

Here’s the deal… we have heaps of paying hospitality jobs for young professionals that want to develop their career in Australia. The previous program price for a 6-month work experience with guaranteed paid position was $2,500 USD. Now, the program fee is  $2,500 $1,375 USD (only $275 deposit due at sign up) for a 6-month placement or $2,500 (only $500 due at sign up) for a 12-month placement.

Plus, for a limited number of those who qualify, a deferred payment financing option is available. Pay the program fee with your tax refund after you return home. Some special conditions apply, so be sure to ask an enrollment advisor for details.

Interested? Book your Work Experience Australia program now to secure your desired positions and employment location. Or, request more information to speak with an enrollment advisor.


Free Webinar: How to Get a Paid Hospitality Job in Australia

Ever wanted to know what it takes to work, live, and play abroad? Join us for a free webinar on Thursday, March 21st at 3pm CST to learn about the Work Experience Australia program. It’s an exciting and unique way to build international work experience while exploring one of the most breath-taking places in the world. Find out what Australian employers are looking for and how you can land a paid hospitality job with some of the finest resorts and tourist destinations abroad.

What you’ll learn:
  • What jobs are available right now (March/April start)
  • Who’s hiring and what they want to see from candidates
  •  How to apply for a paid, 6-month job in Australia
  • What you’ll need to consider before going abroad


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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt, jpg.

How to Apply for the Best Jobs in Australia

Life is good when you can get paid while on vacation! Working holidays abroad, in a way, can provide this opportunity. They allow you to travel the world, meet interesting people, develop your professional skills AND earn an income to support living expenses during your time abroad. Wow!

So, how can you apply for a dream job in Australia—one of the most beautiful and friendly places in the world—and turn your daydream of a working holiday into a reality?

Dream Jobs in Australia

First, get to know where the real opportunities lie.

The job market Down Under, like in many other places around the world, can be a competitive space. Find out what industries are in need and consider applying for positions that are in high demand by Aussie employers.

Hint: there is currently an unprecedented staffing shortage of hospitality workers in Australia.

The Australian hospitality and tourism industry saw an exit of many local resort workers that were attracted to the promise of jobs within the relatively recent oil and gas industry boom. This shift in the Australian employment market has created the perfect opportunity for you to snatch up an amazing job in an incredible location.

Second, understand your job search options.

Sure you can go direct and apply for a job on your own; but think about it. Why would an employer choose you—a foreigner separated from them by many miles and a massive time difference—when they can find a qualified local candidate through a reputable staffing agency? To be blunt, they’re unlikely to spend their busy schedules managing a direct conversation with you.

Hint: consider alternatives to traditional job search methods and channels.

Did you know you can find and apply for working holiday jobs in Australia through a cultural exchange organization?  Alliance Abroad Group’s Work Experience Australia program, for example, provides a streamlined path to paid hospitality positions with guaranteed job placement arranged before arrival. Better still, they will walk you through the job matching and interview process, assist you in obtaining work visa documentation, and help you find safe and affordable housing. Alliance Abroad Group’s direct relationships with luxury resorts and popular tourist destinations in Australia could be your ticket to landing a dream job there.

Finally, show your enthusiasm to stand out from the crowd.

Best Jobs in Australia

The best jobs in Australia call for the best candidates, right? To Aussie employers, personality and enthusiasm counts for a lot! During the application and interview process, be creative and demonstrate how you can provide value to their organization. If you choose to apply for a hospitality position, fine-tune your resume so that any applicable experience and transferable skills—like customer service, time management, and resourcefulness—are clearly highlighted.

With the right strategy in place and determination to seize an opportunity of a lifetime, your chances to land a dream job in Australia are very good.

Good luck!

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