Australia's World Class Food and Wine

It’s Fresh, Organic, Artisanal and Bountiful

Australia’s World Class Food and Wine
Most first time visitors to Australia go for the expected reasons. They want to pet a kangaroo, visit the Outback, and find Nemo. But exit surveys by Tourism Australia show that when they leave, what they’re raving about is the food and the wine.

In fact visitors from China, US, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UK and South Korea rank Australia their top food and wine destination in the world. This seems surprising considering that 74 percent of people who’ve never visited the Land Down Under didn’t even know food and wine was a thing in Australia.

Oh…but it is. (more…)

Australia's Food and Wine Trends 2014

Food and Wine Trends 2014

Australia’s key food trends for 2014

Written by Jill Dupleix – food columnist, restaurant critic, author of 16 cookbooks and editor of The Sydney Morning Herald Good Café Guide.

Australia may be “down under”, but it’s right on top of the food trends on the global agenda for 2014. Restaurants from Perth to Parramatta have quinoa and kale on the menu. We’re dusting off our granny aprons and pickling, preserving, jamming and marmalading, smoking and curing. We’re fermenting everything that moves. We’re loving bowls of Japanese ramen noodles and rolls of Vietnamese rice paper and prawns. We’re into meatballs (from Mexican to Moroccan), flavoured salts, smoked chillies and anything served small-plate, share-plate and planked. We’re artisanal, modern Jewish, traditional Italian, spicy Sichuan, Middle Eastern and farmer’s market-fresh, all at once. Our cafes are cold-dripping small-batch, single-origin coffee and, yes, our baristas have beards. (more…)



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With Tourism Australia and its state tourism bodies focus in 2014 on showcasing the regions Food and Wine, Austin-based cultural exchange company Alliance Abroad Group (AAG) has partnered with Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ), Air New Zealand and Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts to offer one lucky student the opportunity of a lifetime.

Launched January 22nd at the Austin campus, the roadshow kick started with a culinary information session designed to educate students on the cuisine and wine that Australia offers. Alliance Abroad is well known for its Work Abroad program that places American culinary students and professionals in a kitchen at a high-end resort or hotel in Australia working alongside well-respected culinary professionals. Many students across the US have taken this opportunity and numbers already this year are 212% up in 2013 – an increase attributed to the increased recognition of Australia as a destination to gain invaluable work experience in the Culinary Arts.

Australian native Ash Jurberg, Director of Work Experience Australia, taking attendees through a virtual tour of Australia said, “Not only has there been an increase desire by American students to come and work and learn in Australia but also a request for talented Americans cooks and chefs by Australian employers. Previously there was a focus on European trained chefs but over the last 12-18 months I have noticed a considerable shift in thinking and Australian chefs are specifically requesting to work with Americans. Now to be able to work so closely with Le Cordon Bleu to further this global training opportunity is exciting”

It is very exciting to be able to offer our students an opportunity to add international experience to their resume by working in the culinary industry in Australia for their externship or a seasonal job.”
Steve Smith, LCB Austin President

My time working in Sydney as a Chef has been really useful in adding to my repertoire in the kitchen and it has provided me with a chance to expand on my training and become a more creative chef.
Oskar, former Le Cordon Bleu-Austin student working in Australia as a Chef

In addition to learning about Australian food and enjoying an Australian wine tasting, students were excited to hear about the launch of a competition for culinary students and young professionals – An Australian Cuisine Cook-Off. Students are being asked to prepare an Australian dish of their choice and explain why they have chosen the dish. The prize is a 6-month job placement working as a chef at a resort in North Queensland, return airfares to Cairns from the U.S. with Air New Zealand, and an adventure package from Tourism Tropical North Queensland containing such adrenaline filled activities as a bungee jump, skydive, hot air balloon ride, reef cruise and much more.

“I’m very interested in seeing the entries and what uniquely Aussie dishes these American students can develop. There were many great ideas being discussed after the launch and I’m looking forward to the judging,” Ash commented.

Alliance Abroad Group continued the Australian Food & Wine Roadshow at Le Cordon Bleu’s Dallas campus on February 3rd, and is scheduling visits to the other fourteen campuses.

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