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support servicesMembers of Alliance Abroad Group’s (AAG) Support Services Team are program experts and culture promoters for our participants. The Outreach Coordinators (OC) here at AAG are responsible for monitoring the safety, health and welfare of all program participants.  In a typical day, the OC will respond to several participants’ direct program or personal inquires ranging from culture shock support to paperwork assistance to help with housing or placement related concerns. They are passionate about helping others and being a catalyst for promoting cultural exchange.

If you  experience an emergency that involves one of our participants, AAG is available 24/7 through our emergency toll free hotline:  1-866-622-7623.

 Let’s meet the Support Services team!

support services
Beth Korson

Beth is originally from New York, but has been living in Austin for 4 years and loves every minute of it! Beth received her Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Connecticut where, for the first time, she began to meet people from all over the world. Her passion for cultural exchange ignited from there and sustained through her work as the Director of a Summer Camp in New York. Each summer she hired, trained and housed over 50 international Camp Counselors and showed them everything that New York has to offer. Before starting at AAG, Beth traveled to countries such as, Puerto Rico, Honduras, the United Kingdom as well as many places throughout Europe. With AAG, Beth has traveled to the Ukraine, Moldova, Thailand and the Philippines for recruitment fairs and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with Host Company representatives and perspective students.  When she is not pining for her next trip, Beth enjoys dancing, musical theater and stumbling upon new, weird things to do in Austin.

Location: Austin, Texas
Email: bkorson@allianceabroad.com
Direct Line: 512-904-1173

support services
Daniel Stott

Dan, a native Austinite, received his B.A. in history from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. At Guilford, Dan discovered a deep passion for the humanities, language, and culture. After graduation, He became a teacher of numerous subjects including: economics, social studies, English, Spanish, and English as a Second Language. In between work as a teacher in America, Dan traveled to South Korea to teach ESL for a year. Dan joined Alliance Abroad Group as an Outreach Coordinator in March of 2014 and is excited to be a part of the support team. In his free time, Dan enjoys playing cards, reading, and being outdoors with his fiancée.

Location: Austin, Texas
Email: dstott@allianceabroad.com
Direct Line: 512-904-1163

support services
Heather Maclaren

Born and raised in Southern California, Heather has had a curiosity for culture from a very young age. During a semester study abroad in Cuernavaca, Mexico her cultural curiosity was ignited into a full-fledged passion which then launched a series of global adventures. From au-pairing in Israel, to teaching English in Costa Rica, exploring through Central America, Thailand and North Western Africa, to jumping into the dot-com boom of Silicon Valley and expanding business into Paris and London, Heather has been fortunate to enjoy many years of personal and professional development through the world of cultural exchange. Upon return to California and determined to apply her BA in International Studies and experience directly to her career field, Heather landed a position with a leading J1 visa sponsor in San Francisco and has been an influential part of the industry for over twelve years. In 2010, as adventure would have it, Heather was presented the opportunity to lead teams with Alliance Abroad Group, so she packed up her husband (also gained through cultural exchange) and two small children and drove to Austin, TX! Outside of AAG, you’ll find this California girl enjoying a cool drink on the back porch, playing games with the family and dancing an occasional salsa.

Location: Austin, Texas
Email: hmaclaren@allianceabroad.com
Direct Line: 512.904.1144

support services
Kirsten Berg

Born in Spokane, Washington, but raised across nine different cities as she relocated with her military family, Kirsten fostered an early appreciation for cultural nuances as she traversed the United States. Her observations about regional social differences resulted in her desire to further explore the way humans connect across backgrounds, so decided to study Human Relations at The University of Texas, where she received her B.S. in Communication Studies. In an effort to broaden her worldview, Kirsten moved to Germany after college to gain insight beyond a tourist’s perspective. Her ingrained love for travel and sharing cultural norms led her to accept the position of Outreach Coordinator at AAG in June 2013, where she greatly enjoys facilitating international exchange by working directly with participants of the Summer Work Travel Program. In her free time, Kirsten is an avid hiker and dreams of one day adopting a dog.

Location: Austin, Texas
Email: kberg@allianceabroad.com
Direct Line: (512) 904-1148

support services
Mariana Lemire

Originally from Chisinau, Moldova, Marianna knew as a child that she wanted live in the United States. After completing her B.S. in Economics at the State University of Moldova, she realized her dream and relocated to Galveston, Texas where she has been an Outreach Coordinator since 2011. A true people person, Marianna enjoys working and interacting with students from around the world while sharing with them her unique perspective on living in America. When she is not busy as an O.C. she can be found on the beach in Galveston or traveling with her husband and son, Brian Jr. Marianna is fluent in English, Romanian and Russian.

Location: Galveston, Texas
Email: mlemire@allianceabroad.com
Direct Line: 409-739-7400

support services
Michael Herrera

Mike is an Outreach Coordinator in the Wisconsin dells, where he grew up. When asked what he is passionate about Mike said helping others, playing with dog Nelson, and spending time with good friends. As a kid, Mike’s mentor was his grandfather who taught him many things but most importantly the value of hard-work. Growing up, Mike worked for one of our Host Companies, Great Wolf Lodge, for 4 years as a lifeguard. In College, he had worked in Japan for 3 summers teach English skills to K-12 kids. Now with Alliance Abroad Group, he is able to interact with participants on a daily basis. In his free-time, Mike is an avid Zipliner and instructor.

Location: Wisconsin Dells, WI
Email: mherrera@allianceabroad.com
Direct Line: 608-215-8311

Stephanie Molinare

Stephanie received a B.S. in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. During that time she studied abroad, catalyzing an ever present desire to travel and learn about new cultures. After completing her degree, Stephanie moved to Spain where she completed a Masters in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from the University of Alcala de Henares. During this time she also taught English in a local school and spent weekends exploring Europe. After returning to the U.S. and working for some time, she decided to change her scenery and attended Florida International University to complete a M.S. in International Education. Stephanie whole-heartedly believes in cultural exchange programs and thoroughly enjoys providing exchange opportunities for eager young minds.  Stephanie joined AAG in April of 2013.  Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys live music, hiking, and is always planning her next trip

Location: Austin, Texas
Email: smolinare@allianceabroad.com
Direct Line: 512.904.1168

support services
Zhanna Saparova

Originally from Turkmenistan (former USSR), Zhanna first came to the US as an exchange student in high school on AFS/FSA (Freedom Support Act) program.  After two years at the university in Turkmenistan, Zhanna transferred to the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where she pursued an undergraduate and later on graduate degree in Political Science.  Zhanna has joined AAG in 2007 as an Outreach Coordinator and greatly enjoys working with international program participants, Host Companies and overseas agencies.  Outside of her work with AAG, Zhanna runs a flamenco dance studio and performs as a principal flamenco dancer in ensemble “Al-Andaluz”.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Email: zsaparova@allianceabroad.com
Direct Line: 512.904.1171

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