St. Patrick's Day

2 Mar

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There are many reasons folks in America get excited for the month of March. The weather starts to warm up, the days get longer due to daylight savings and everyone gets to be Irish…for a day anyway.

In America, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the country however it is only a legal holiday in Suffolk County, Massachusetts and Chatham County, Georgia. Parades are held in many cities including Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI and New Orleans, LA.

In Chicago, the Irish represent one of the largest ethnic groups in the city of Chicago. The city has many different Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, the most famous being the dyeing of the Chicago River. Each year, the city hosts a parade downtown, which is preceded by the dyeing of the Chicago River.

Historically the largest entry port for Irish immigrants in the US South, New Orleans has maintained a large population of Irish heritage. The earliest record of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in the city is 1809. Saint Patrick’s Day traditions going back to the 19th-century continue, including multiple block parties and parades.

The New York parade has not only become the largest Saint Patrick’s Day parade in the world, but it is also the oldest civilian parade in the world.  In a typical year, 150,000 marchers participate in it, including bands, firefighters, military and police groups, county associations, emigrant societies and social and cultural clubs with two million spectators line the streets.

There has been a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in San Francisco since 1852. San Francisco has always had a large Irish-American population and for many decades Irish Americans were the largest ethnic group in San Francisco.

As you can see St. Patrick’s Day celebrations take place all America and the world. This holiday provides a great opportunity to share in cultural exchange with both American and International employees.

St. Patrick's DayEncourage your staff to wear green.

Host a traditional Irish potluck meal. (Here are some traditional St. Patrick’s Day recipes)

Ask your international employees if and how they celebrate St. Patrick’s day in their home countries.

Encourage your employees to learn about the origins of St. Patrick’s Day or otherwise known as The Feast of Saint Patrick.

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