June Regulation Updates: SEVIS Upgrades

June holds major updates to SEVIS, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, we want to bring to your attention.  The system will be shut down for upgrades starting Friday, June 26th at 8 pm through Sunday, June 28th at 8 pm or until the upgrades are successfully made.

Changes in the system include the following requirements:

  • Modified name standards to more closely match other government databases
  • Validation of U.S. addresses
  • Mandatory email address for all participants
  • Training and Internship Placement Plans included in SEVIS

The major change impacting host companies is the new DS-7002/or training plan.  After this upgrade, any Interns or Trainees enrolled in the program will have to use the new T/IPP form and have their final T/IPP entered into SEVIS, along with the dates that each phase of the T/IPP was signed by the appropriate supervisor.

Please note that should you have J1s arriving during this time, there may be a delay in being able to use E-verify.  The system will not be able to check the status of the exchange visitor until SEVIS is up and running again.  Participants arriving during this time period should be aware of these potential implications:

  • Delays in sponsors ability to validate their programs in SEVIS/Change their status to Active.
  • Potential for a secondary screening at ports of entry due to not having up-to-date information available while the system is down.
  • The potential need for a new DS-2019 form with their name re-formatted into the new standard.

We advise that no one make plans to visit Social Security on Monday or Tuesday of the following week to be sure that all is well.

Please contact Laurie Moxley (lmoxley@allianceabroad.com) if you have any questions or concerns.

Reminder:  The system will be shut down for upgrades starting Friday, June 26th at 8 pm through Sunday, June 28th at 8 pm or until the upgrades are successfully made.
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