Regulations Highlights - Summer Work Travel (SWT) Key Employer Responsibilities

1 Dec

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As we head into the arrival season for our winter season SWT program, host companies should remember that the J-1 regulations include specific Employer responsibilities for the arrival period and duration of each J1 program.  Ensuring these are met requires timely and accurate communication between host companies and sponsors.

For Summer Work Travel, the regulations require the host employers notify sponsors when:

·        Participants arrive at the work site (“site of activity”) to begin their J-1 programs.

·        There are changes or deviations in the actual job placement during the program.

·        Participants are not meeting the requirements of their job placement and thus are at risk of being let go.

·        Participants leave their placement before their planned departure or DS-2019 Program End Date.

Host Employers are also required to contact sponsors in the event of any emergency that impacts the health, safety and welfare of J1 participants.

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