Regulations Highlights: Annual Reports

Every January 31, Alliance Abroad Group submits three annual reports to the Department of State for our Summer Work Travel, Intern and Trainee programs. These reports are required by the J1 regulation, section 62.15. We include an overview of the past year in terms of participants nationality, gender, placement type and overseas partner, enhancements to our programs, new initiatives for the year ahead, cultural exchange, and challenges. We aim to make these reports as personal and specific as possible, as it’s a great opportunity to showcase the success of our J1 programs across categories and employers. They include participant feedback from end-of-program surveys as well as some of the fantastic updates we receive from our host companies all year long. As you kick off the New Year, please don’t forget to pass along great updates to your account manager!

§ 62.15 Reporting requirements. (a) Sponsors must submit annual reports to the Department of State that are generated through SEVIS on Form DS–3097. Such reports must be filed on an academic, calendar, or fiscal year basis, as directed by the Department of State in the sponsor’s letter of designation or redesignation, and must contain the following:

(1) Program report and evaluation. A summary of the activities in which exchange visitors were engaged, including an evaluation of program effectiveness, program difficulties, and number of staff used in the administration of the exchange visitor program

(2) Reciprocity. A description of the nature and extent of reciprocity occurring in the sponsor’s exchange visitor program during the reporting year

(3) Cross-cultural activities. A description of the cross-cultural activities the sponsor provided for its exchange visitors during the reporting year

As mentioned last month, the new regulations governing all J programs took effect on January 5th.  Here is an except

(d) Cross-cultural activities. In addition to category specific requirements, sponsors must: (1) Offer or make available to exchange visitors and the accompanying spouses and dependents, if any, a variety of appropriate cross-cultural activities. The extent and type of the cross-cultural activities will be determined by the needs and interests of the particular category of exchange visitor. Sponsors will be responsible for determining the appropriate types and numbers of such cross-cultural programs, unless otherwise specified by the Department. The Department of State encourages sponsors to give their exchange visitors the broadest exposure to American society, culture and institutions; and (2) Encourage exchange visitors to participate voluntarily in activities that are for the purpose of sharing the language, culture, or history of their home country with Americans, provided such activities do not delay the completion of the exchange visitors’ program.

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