Recruitment is Open; Now Hiring J-1 Program Participants!

29 Sep

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Now that the J-1 Summer season has come to a complete end, AAG is in full swing, recruiting participants for our Summer Work and Travel, Intern and Trainee programs.

If you are planning to participate in the upcoming  J-1 program seasons, we encourage you to begin your recruitment now. Many of our Host Company placements are currently filling for the Summer Work and Travel winter/spring seasons and believe it or not, we’re already recruiting for summer 2016. The fall is also an ideal time to recruit qualified interns and trainees for a longer term, 6, 12 and 18-month programs. Don’t miss your opportunity to hire the best candidates for your J-1 positions.

For J-1 Summer Work/Travel recruitment please contact – Mike Martorella:

For J-1 Internship and Trainee recruitment please contact – Christy Davidovich:

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