Participant Testimonial From Kazakhstan to Texas

participant testimonial

Participant Testimonial

Sholpan’s T. Story
Landry’s Rainforest Café
Galveston, Texas
Home Country: Kazakhstan

Everybody in this world has beautiful dream. I have dream, and not only one. From the childhood I have been dreaming about travelling, finding new friends, searching something new…. I also interested in science, especially in astronomy. And of course, like every person who interested on astronomy I know about NASA. Since my childhood, visiting NASA started to be a very big target for me. I didn’t know how I will reach this my aim, but I was sure – one day I will visit NASA! Participating in a Work & Travel program gave me a lot of opportunities. I visited NASA, I saw everything by my own eyes! I like science and I like works of Michio Kaku, the Japanese scientist. And I found his book in the shop in NASA space center! I was so happy! So I reached my dream! It came true! My parents proud of me and I am very happy because of it! I am travelling, I making friendship with a lot of people from all over the world! I got a chance to introduce myself with different cultures and traditions, I started learning Spanish, I fall in love with Mexican kitchen, and I got independence in the USA! I earned not so much money but it is not a big problem, because I am happy. I found a lot of friends and it’s more important than money! And I am going to visit my new Taiwanese friends in Taiwan in winter; also I am going to visit my Turkish friends in Turkey in spring.

Thank you for the Work and Travel opportunity and our perfect sponsor AAG for supporting us!

I got reason to travel around the world – I will visit my Work & Travel friends!

– Sholpan

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