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29 Sep

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Travel the World to Paraguay

paraguayAAG’s goal is to not only promote cultural exchange through our programs, but to also provide an opportunity to travel the world virtually. We want to give you the opportunity to learn more about a featured country with whom we are establishing and creating stronger business, political, and human ties. This month we are featuring Paraguay.

Paraguay, officially the Republic of Paraguay, is located in central South America, landlocked by Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. Its landscape consists of grassy plains and low wooded hills east of the Rio Paraguay while the west is covered in low marshy plains. The country’s climate reflects a subtropical range, with intense summer heat and cooler winters. The average highs in the summer are 95 degrees F and 42 degrees F in the winter.

ParaguayThe country is known for its untamed wilderness, overall hospitality, ancient history, and love for water. The name Paraguay is thought to mean river of the Payaguas, a native Indian tribe or crowned river. If you have the opportunity to visit Paraguay you must make time to see Salto del Monday, which is the main attraction of the Municipal Park Monday. Salto del Monday is an amazing natural water fall that dates back many centuries. For those that are risk takers, you can schedule a climb or rappelling adventure alongside the 80 mile high waterfall.

Visiting the capital, Asunción is another culturally-rich learning experience must do. Many places of interest can be accessed on foot. Everything from the Presidential Place, the Palacio de los López, which is most beautiful at night, to the Nesrta Senora de la Asuncion Santander Cathedral, originally built during the Spanish Colonial times.


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paraguayThe motto is “Paz y justicia” which means Peace and Justice.

  • Language: Spanish & Guaraní
  • Currency: Guaraní
  • Capital: Asunción
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Population: 6.8 million
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