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Oskar Arevalo

My Australian Work Experience

Oskar ArevaloBy Oscar Arevalo

I am loving life in Oz! I live right in the middle of the Central Business District in Sydney, the largest city in Australia cooking food at a five star hotel for the best pay I have ever had by far.

The Work Experience Australia program has given me the opportunity to travel overseas and experience working in a foreign country in a way I could not have done on my own. Furthermore, I have seen the steps required to move to another continent and find employment. As I understand it, the majority of the jobs found for participants in the program are at major brand hotels. Working in a hotel has given me extremely valuable experience, especially in large-scale banquet service. The pay in Australia is so, so good; its very tempting to work the whole time, but the Visa is work and “holiday” and I would urge all participants to travel and have a real holiday for at least a portion of the visit.

I have made new friends and gained cultural experiences. This program has opened a door for me. I have a career to support myself and with it I intend to travel for years to come, for these truly will be the best years of my life!

My time on this work experience is over soon, and so as the seasons change I go again into the unknown with my hopes high and a guitar on my back.

Thank you so much AAG! I am so glad I decided to participate in the program.

Oskar Arevalo

Take your culinary training to Australia and grow professionally!

Oskar Arevalo

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