My Internship Experience with Alliance Abroad Group

10 Aug

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My internship experience with the Alliance Abroad Program launched me into an amazing opportunity working for an event decor company called Decor It Events located in Melbourne, AUS. The company specializes in weddings and corporate events and is well known to the leading wedding venues in Melbourne. Decor It Events hired me for a sixth-month internship working in their social media department. I also got the opportunity to work in and with other departments throughout the company. During my time interning I was able to create a strategic business plan on the social media platforms Decor It has invested in. These particular programs included, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram in which each application had a different target market and purpose to gain a social media following. I also was able to participate in company meetings involving the owners and manager of Decor It Events to learn how a small business can achieve success. The company has two locations in Melbourne including it’s warehouse where all the stock is kept, organized, cleaned and counted and the showroom which displays the company’s stock for clients to come in and see the decor. I worked out of the Decor It warehouse where I was able to help with stock counting, packing and prepping. During my sixth months of my internship I was able to travel to numerous venues in Melbourne to set-up and pick-up jobs for the company. There were many perks of Decor It Events but my favorite was getting paid to travel the city of Melbourne.

Working for Decor It Events gave me the opportunity to gain numerous skills to help further my career in the events industry. I was able to learn multiple new marketing and social media tools and programs. I learned how to construct events and what it takes to run events with hundreds of people attending. I also was able to learn a new industry of trade from interior design and merchandising. In addition, I was able to improve my hospitality experience and work with many different clients each day. Overall, being a part of the Alliance Abroad Program gave me an international experience that I would have not been able to achieve on my own.

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