May Day

may dayYou may not know this but May Day is right around the corner. What is May Day you ask? It’s an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring festival and public holiday in many cultures and celebrated on the on the 1st of the month (similar to United States’ Labor Day). May Day coincides with International Worker’s Day.

This is a great opportunity for cultural exchange, where you can learn from your international participant or sponsor a May Day event. Here are a few of our recommendations:

1) Host a May Day Work Break – All you have to do is prepare a traditional “May Day Punch.” It’s a drink to consume on May eve. The punch is made using fresh strawberries (which are in season), white wine (can substitute with white grape juice), soda water or lemonade and woodruff, the special ingredient.
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2) Hold a Cheese-rolling Contest – Another fun way that May Day is celebrated around the world especially in England is the tradition of cheese-rolling. Costume teams compete to roll a wooden cheese wheel down the main street. Need some inspiration? Check out these images

3) Dance Around a Fire – This is the traditional Beltane activity. Or have a beach fire or get the back yard fire pit going for the year. Invite a few friends, drink May Day Punch, share your intentions, and talk about what you want to bloom in your life this season. Campfire Safety Tips

Learn more about May Day through the everyday workers

Please send your cultural exchange event summaries or questions to culturalinfo@allianceabroad.com.
may day

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