Massage Therapists Needed in Tasmania

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Massage Clinic in Tasmania Needs Talented BodyWorkers

Are you a certified massage therapist or are you good with your hands?

A Massage Clinic in Tasmania needs you! This clinic pays staff commission on each massage treatment they perform. Those who have no certificate or qualification, but very good at what they do, the pay is on average $33/per hour massage. For those who hold a certificate or certain qualification, have experience, and has great passion in the field, pay averages $37 for the hour.

This is a busy clinic with a great reputation. Full time staff pay is about $1000 per week on average. The employee that puts the effort in and create good relationship with our clients, there is a potential for more.

Required Certificates/Qualifications

Preferably, you hold some certificate in massage. If not, you need to be very good with Chinese Massage (TuiNa)

massage therapistNecessary Skills

Besides being an excellent body-worker, a reasonable level of English is required as you will be with clients by yourself and you need to be able to understand what they are saying. There is receptionist support that tries to assist as much as possible with the therapists to ensure the therapist knows what kind of massage the client wants, where they are sore, etc.

Massage Clinic Information

massage therapistWhen it comes to authentic Chinese massage, Hobart residents know exactly where to turn.  This clinic has many massage therapy services to offer.  They don’t just specialize in Chinese massage practices, they also specialize in western massage practices.  From aromatherapy massage to acupressure, they do it all.  Their massage services are second to none.

They do not discriminate nor have a preference for nationalities. They do require someone that can do either Chinese massage, or possibly Japanese massage (shiatsu).

This clinic is a new and growing business. They opened in April 2012 and now have 7 therapists on staff. They are opening a new premises in the Hobart Central Business District to allow them to keep growing. This premises may be leased through another entity which may allow them to move employees between businesses and therefore can effectively allow you to work for them for more than 6 months.

They have not yet lost an employee to another business – they look after their staff!

This clinic has the best reputation of all Asian massage clinics in Hobart and will continue to grow quickly.


U.S. & UK citizens can defer the program fee by using our TaxBack option. Your only upfront fee will be the small application deposit and your ticket to Australia, which will be recovered with your tax refund at the end of your work experience, making this a zero cost endeavor!

More info on the program fee deferment & tax refund can be found here:

Work in Australia!


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