Important J-1 Regulations Update – Unskilled Occupations

29 Sep

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The Intern and Trainee programs are amazing opportunities for participants to obtain knowledge, skills and competencies that will have direct and lasting benefits for their career.  The key emphasis on these programs in terms of what that looks like on a daily basis is that the training they received is skills-based.  The State Department has provided all sponsors within the regulations a list of “Unskilled Occupations” that are not appropriate for Interns and Trainees to be asked to do or incorporated into their Training/Internship Placement Plans.  We are including the list below, and have highlighted ones that apply to the hospitality field.  If you ever have a question about what is or is not appropriate for your Interns and Trainees to do, please contact us.  We are happy to provide guidance and examples of successful TIPPs for various roles within the hospitality industry.

Appendix E to Part 62—Unskilled Occupations

For purposes of 22 CFR 514.22(c)(1), the following are considered to be “unskilled occupations”:

(1) Assemblers

(2) Attendants, Parking Lot

(3) Attendants (Service Workers such as Personal Services Attendants, Amusement and Recreation Service Attendants)

(4) Automobile Service Station Attendants

(5) Bartenders

(6) Bookkeepers

(7) Caretakers

(8) Cashiers

(9) Charworkers and Cleaners

(10) Chauffeurs and Taxicab Drivers

(11) Cleaners, Hotel and Motel

(12) Clerks, General

(13) Clerks, Hotel

(14) Clerks and Checkers, Grocery Stores

(15) Clerk Typist

(16) Cooks, Short Order

(17) Counter and Fountain Workers

(18) Dining Room Attendants

(19) Electric Truck Operators

(20) Elevator Operators

(21) Floorworkers

(22) Groundskeepers

(23) Guards

(24) Helpers, any industry

(25) Hotel Cleaners

(26) Household Domestic Service Workers

(27) Housekeepers

(28) Janitors

(29) Key Punch Operators

(30) Kitchen Workers

(31) Laborers, Common

(32) Laborers, Farm

(33) Laborers, Mine

(34) Loopers and Toppers

(35) Material Handlers

(36) Nurses’ Aides and Orderlies

(37) Packers, Markers, Bottlers and Related

(38) Porters

(39) Receptionists

(40) Sailors and Deck Hands

(41) Sales Clerks, General

(42) Sewing Machine Operators and Handstitchers

(43) Stock Room and Warehouse Workers

(44) Streetcar and Bus Conductors

(45) Telephone Operators

(46) Truck Drivers and Tractor Drivers

(47) Typist, Lesser Skilled

(48) Ushers, Recreation and Amusement

(49) Yard Workers


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