How to Work the Holidays in Australia

Many of you are probably like me – most of your holidays have been spent the same, with family and friends in your hometown. I grew up in Iowa, so mine were filled with farm-tastic fun. Seriously, they were really fun. However – my most memorable holidays are the few I spent abroad when I was in college. That Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will forever stand out in my mind. I vividly remember what I did, whom I was with…and I know I always will.

You can create new holiday memories too, and make money at the same time! We have Australian employers who need people to work the holidays in Australia. These are 6-12 month commitments, with positions beginning in November and December. Take a look at some of the opportunities here.

Commis Chef
Kitchen Porter
Housekeeping Attendant

Food and Beverage Attendants (Servers)

The first step to work the holidays in Australia is to understand our program. You have to be eligible and want to commit to a 6-12 month job placement. AAG guarantees job placement before you arrive in Australia and provides outstanding support throughout the program.

The second step is to contact AAG’s Team Australia to answer all your questions. Our Team Australia really sets us apart. They truly care about every participant in the program. I just walked by Rose’s desk and heard her explaining to a participant how to set up a phone and a bank account.

The third step is to apply to our program. Yes, by all means you can apply without speaking to us. Our website is quite detailed and gives you lots of info. Make sure to check out our testimonials page and / or our reviews on

The fourth step is to get excited about Australia – and specifically the holiday season in Australia. It is SUMMER there! Its time to write your own story. Contact Us Today! ~Britton

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