Housing in Australia

Housing in Australia

Where will I live? Is housing provided? Do you just drop me off in the middle of the outback? Are Outback Steakhouses just called Steakhouses in Australia?

These are a few questions we hear at AAG when we talk to applicants about the Work Experience Australia. Well not the Outback Steakhouse question, but it is still a very good question.

housing in australiaHousing in Australia can be provided in rural locations like Tasmania, island locations, and the aforementioned Outback. For locations in and around big cities housing is generally not provided and you are expected to secure your own. Don’t let this scare you though, before you depart for Australia, AAG provides you with all of the resources you will need to secure a safe and affordable place. When you arrive in Oz, AAG provides you with 2 night’s hostel accommodation in a clean and well rated local hostel.
Finding an apartment is a bit different in Australia then it is in the other parts of the world. Follow these simple guidelines and you will have no problem getting settled in your new host city.

The first thing to note is that rent is paid out weekly and rates reflect such, so if you took math in 3rd grade you should be able to calculate what your monthly cost will be. It is recommended that you keep your rent to around 1/3 of your weekly take home pay. If you take home $700 a week for example, then try to keep your rent about or below $230 a week. This will help you have money to do fun things instead of just sitting in your really nice expensive apartment staring at the walls.
If you can find a place that has utilities included, then you have hit the jackpot, if not plan to spend an extra $30-$40 a month on average. You may want to factor that right into what you can spend for rent to be on the safe side.

Types of accommodations you should be looking for include apartments, flats and shared houses. Also unless you plan on schlepping a mattress around the world with you look for furnished rooms. Most of furnished rooms come with a single bed and a work desk; all it needs now is you and a few sheets.

Look for places that are close to public transportation or even better close to where you work, this will cut down on walking and paying for taxis.
There are some great websites that you can start looking at now just to get the lingo down and we highly recommend that you do this. If a listing says “not a party house” don’t go there if your favorite activity is crushing Foster’s cans on your head and peeing in the sink. FYI they don’t drink Fosters in Australia. Look for listings that match your personality and your needs. There are many diverse neighborhoods in every city in Australia. You should have no problem finding one that fits you.

If you need help while you are there know that our on-ground support office in Melbourne is always available to provide individualized assistance as well. Now you know what to do and how to find yourself a great place to live upon arrival. All that is left to do is book an appointment with one of our friendly Enrollment Specialists and get yourself down to Australia.

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