Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort & Spa

April Encounter Culture Host Company Spotlight

Hilton Marco Island

As you may know, our Account Management team reaches out to you on a monthly basis to gather and capture the stories of your participants in regards to Host Company-sponsored cultural exchange events.

We recently received a fantastic story we wanted to highlight in this issue from Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort & Spa

Hilton Marco Island Michele Taylor, Assistant Director of Human Resources, shared a few pictures of their cultural sharing functions for program participants. January’s meeting was centered on introducing the participants to iconic U.S. snack food. Participants got to learn the history of Cracker Jacks, Moon Pies, and Twinkies as well as key lime pie! (For those of you who love key lime pie, Michele states it is only available in authentic form in South Florida!) After their lesson, all participants got to enjoy tasting the different products. Twinkies proved to be the crowd pleaser!

Hilton Marco Island


In February, the hotel organized a mock-up Mardi Gras celebration hosted by Human Resources Director Brittany Lacayo. Born and raised in New Orleans, she was very enthusiastic about sharing a little Cajun culture with our participants. Interns and Trainees got acquainted with some new vocabulary words like parade’ krewes’ and got to try-on masks and beads while she showed parade slides, explaining about ladder sitting and other traditional activities. Afterward, everyone had a chance to taste some King Cake.

Hilton Marco Island

On behalf of the AAG team, would like to thank the Marco Island Hilton Human Resources Team for making a difference and sharing American culture with our international participants.

We look forward to hearing about what happened in March!

Company: Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort & Spa
AAG Business Partner: Since 2013
Location: Marco Island, FL
Website: hiltonmarcoisland.com

Hilton Marco Island

Please send your cultural exchange event summaries or questions to culturalinfo@allianceabroad.com.

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