Halloween 2014

29 Sep

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Halloween 2014
Halloween is just around the corner. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to sponsor or host a cultural exchange event. Some must do’s are, buy loads of candies, dress up in the latest costumes, visit the local haunted house, and knock on a stranger door asking for treats!

Here are few of AAG’s Halloween Recommendations

Halloween 20141. “Pumpkin Carving Contest” – All you need to do is carve out time, supply the tools, define the contest rules and identify a prize for the winner. Most international participants have never carved a pumpkin, roasted pumpkin seeds or experience the gooey mess that comes with carving a pumpkin. Click here for free carving pattern.

2. “Trick or Treat Tour” – Does your organization have multiple departments? If so, maybe an in-house or back-of-house Trick or Treat tour is perfect for your international participants. Encourage your department to either dress up in costumes or decorate the office door with the best representation of Halloween. Don’t forget to make sure each department offers treats for a very memorable experience!

3. “Scary Movie Night” – What’s more American than watching movies? Watching scary, spooky classic American movies. Host your movie marathon at the nearest community center, the conference room or an employee volunteer hosting in their home.

Click here for Entertainment Weekly’s list of 20 Scariest Movies of All Time
Warning some of the movie might bring back scary memories!

Please send your cultural exchange event summaries or questions to culturalinfo@allianceabroad.com.

Halloween 2014

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