Get a Job in Australia for Free

work in Australia for free

Work Abroad in Australia: Our Zero Cost Pre-Placement Program

What Makes Our Program Different From The Others

There are many programs out there that help young people aged 18-30 land a job in Australia, but our Work Experience Australia program is the ONLY one that guarantees a secured job with a high-end hotel or luxury resort before arrival in Australia and is a zero cost in the end for the participant. Continue reading to learn how you can get a job in Australia for free!

How It’s FREE For You

Even though there is a required program fee, we limit your upfront costs to just the $275 deposit, and the cost of your visa and airfare to Australia. Our finance partner will cover your program fee upfront (*eligible citizens only). At the end of your work experience, you will file your Australian income taxes with our finance partner and your program fee will come out of your tax return. The remaining return you receive is substantial, and in most cases will cover all of your initial upfront costs (program deposit, visa, and flight). See an example and more information on Tax Returns here: Work Experience Australia Tax Return

For citizens of the countries that have not been approved for the financing option, your upfront fees will still be recovered with your tax return! You will have to pay the program fee upfront, but will have a larger tax return.

How We Secure You a Job Before You Go

After we receive your application, required documents, and the $275 deposit, we submit your resume to high-end hotels and luxury resorts throughout Australia that need seasonal staff with your experience. Once an employer decides to pursue you, our experts coach you on how to best interview with them, then we schedule a Skype interview for you with the employer. Once the employer decides to hire you, you sign the contract and we assist you with everything you need to make sure you arrive in Australia for your start date, including assistance with getting you there.

Hiring Seasons

In the end, this program is FREE for everyone!

Get a Job in Australia for Free

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