Friendship Family Program

Friendship Family

Friendship Family is a program facilitated by Alliance Abroad Group (AAG), a designated program sponsor. The program’s mission is to connect International Participant on a J-1 exchange visitor program with host city families. In 2013, AAG piloted the program in Sandusky, Ohio where we have a large population of Summer Work Travel participants. This program was founded on the conviction that we should learn from each other, the program provides cultural experiences for community members and helps program participants experience Midwestern culture in American families. Our ultimate goal is to provide an avenue for cultural exchange and promote Sandusky community as a home away from home for our program participants. We hope friendships that will develop between International Participants and their Friendship Families will promote diversity and cultural awareness that will last a lifetime.

This year we had a total of 53 Summer Work Travel Participants successfully matched with a Sandusky, Ohio Friendship Family volunteer. Here are a couple of pictures and testimonials from the matches experiences.

family friendshipFriendship Family Match : Chrystal & David Family & Busra

“We had Busra over for the 4th of July cookout. My entire immediate family was there, which was a 25 of us. It was loud and lots of fun though perhaps a little overwhelming for our guest. We have plans to meet again soon, but our first meeting was a wonderful start. This is a picture of our family with Busra minus our year and a half old little girl who was taking a nap”


fam 2Friendship Family Match : Sandra & Jiaxuan

“Had our first meeting, our student asked to bring 2 friends with her to our home, of course we said yes. What wonderful nice ladies!! We were blessed. The girls are planning our next get together”

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