Friendship Family Program

How do I join?

The first step in joining this program is to fill out an application. Once you have filled out the application we will do our best to match you with a local family according to the preferences listed on your application. We will share your information with your Friendship Family, so they can contact you directly and arrange a time to meet with you.

If I join, what will I be doing with my Friendship Family?

Throughout your program, your Friendship Family will invite you over for family dinners, holidays, and other various social activities. The main purpose is to create a sense of home and community for you in Sandusky while also providing local families a wonderful opportunity to bring a different culture into their home. AAG will also be in communication with you during your program and will invite you to cultural events and activities in the area.

Expectations & Guidelines

International Participants of Friendship Family are expected:

  • To maintain regular communication with their Friendship Family- returning phone calls, emails and other forms of communication within 24 hours
  • To meet with their Friendship Family at least twice a month
  • To be flexible when it comes to scheduling meetings with the Friendship Family.  Remember, canceling the meeting at the very last minute is not OK
  • To respect traditions, religious and political beliefs of their Friendship Family
  • To facilitate a cultural exchange (share their culture)
  • To be flexible in perception of another culture
  • To attend at least 1 (one) volunteer event organized by AAG
  • To complete participation surveys/ evaluations and provide feedback to AAG about Friendship Family program
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