Freestyle Across Australia

We’ve been listening a lot to what people like you are wanting from a working holiday program. Some prefer the security of a guaranteed job lined up for them even before  departing to Australia. For those, our Work Experience Australia program is perfect.

Others, however, prefer jumping on a plane and figuring out what’s available once they get to their destination.  Maybe you don’t want to stay in the same location; you’d rather wander from city to city in order to take in the everyday culture of a new place. It is for you, the adventurous traveler, that we’ve created the Freestyle Australia package. Freestyle Across Australia
Get the resources you need to make your backpacking holiday a success. Our new Freestyle Australia starter packages set you up with accommodation for your first few days in Australia, 12-month access to a job board with heaps of listings, mail holding, and all the other incidentals you’ll need to hit the ground running.

From other organizations, these packages are usually offered for around $595 USD. Not here! Our extensive network in Australia and ability to consolidate resources allow us to offer you this package for only $395 USD. Boom!

So, now with is new information and pricing, how’s your summer looking? Grab a friend and prepare for an experience of a lifetime Down Under![/two_third_last]

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