Food and Beverage Attendant: I Still Have to do My Side Work

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Whether you work the lunch shift, dinner shift, or a dreaded double, you know that the money you take home depends entirely on the people you are serving and how generous they feel. You can be the best server at your restaurant and you still have no way of knowing how much money you are going to leave with. (And don’t even get us started on pooling tips! Why should you have to share your hard earned money with someone who doesn’t know the difference between ranch and blue cheese dressing?) After 10% to the bar staff, 10% to the bussers what’s left for you?

food and beverageIn Australia, food and beverage attendants are paid hourly wages and good ones at that. The average rate for jobs AAG has listed is $19 an hour. Compare that to the US where some states only require a restaurant to pay its servers $2.13 an hour because they work for tips. That means you need to make over $16 an hour in tips to compete. Think about the last shift you worked; did you consistently make $16 an hour off tips?

The truth is being a server is a hard job and we know that, every day is a gamble and some days you think to yourself “I could have made more money staying in bed.” Let us help you change your outlook. We have amazing positions with fantastic companies in sunny, beautiful Australia, and we think you would be perfect for them! Hone your skills and add some international flare to your resume. Oh and spend your down time at the beach, at the zoo, wrestle a Kangaroo if you think you can handle it. (Please don’t wrestle a Kangaroo, they are strong and it is illegal)

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Just in case you needed a few more reasons why working as a Food and Beverage Attendant in Australia is way better than being a server in the US, try this on for size:  In Australia you get paid extra if you work on a weekend. Yes, you heard us right; you get paid EXTRA TO WORK ON THE WEEKEND! “This sounds too good to be true” you say? Check out the Penalty Rates and Allowances site for more information.

AAG has the position you want in one of the world’s friendliest countries.

Book an appointment now with one of our helpful Enrollment Specialists and start your adventure today!

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