Five Reasons Americans Should Take Advantage of the Australian Work and Holiday Visa

17 Aug

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Beaches, new foods, exotic adventures, it’s an English speaking country, new experiences, and tropical islands. These are just a few of the fun and exciting reasons Americans may choose to go to Australia on the Working Holiday Visa. While these are great reasons to go, we wanted to take a look at a few of the more practical reasons to travel down under.

Five Reasons Americans Should Take Advantage of the Australian Work and Holiday Visa

Visas: Obtaining the visa is easy as turning on your computer. You can register for your visa online and be approved in as little as a day. Only USA passport holders can apply online. This is of course assuming you meet all the requirements to obtain the visa. See here for qualifications.

Financial Assistance: AAG has an exclusive partnership with TaxBack, the world’s leading tax organization. Through our partnership, we can offer a deferred payment option that allows you to go to Australia now and pay the program fee when you get your taxes done by the experts at TaxBack. Typical tax refunds for a 6-month program start at about $4,123 dollars.

The Exchange Rate: An American dollar is currently worth $1.36 in Australia. Basically, you gain an extra $.36 for every dollar you bring.

Work To Live: People you know in the service industry may repeat one thing to you over and over again, “They don’t tip in Australia.” This, for the most part is true. Tipping is usually reserved for the highest quality of service, that being said the national minimum wage in Australia is $17.29 per hour. Who needs tips when you are making an amazing wage. Compare that to the US where the average hourly wage – including tips – for a restaurant employee in the United States that received tip income is $11.82.

Penalty Rates: While this may sound ominous it is actually a great thing. Employees down under receive a penalty rate for working on weekends, public holidays, overtime, late night shifts, or early morning shifts. You essentially get paid extra money to work these shifts. Take for example a Food and Beverage Attendant Grade 1. This is your typical waiter or waitress. You will make $17.29 an hour on a regular shift, and if you work Saturday or Sunday your pay rate jumps to $22.24. Working on a public holiday? Expect to make $44.48. Tell your friends this when they keep talking about the lack of tips in Australia.

With all these great reasons to take advantage of the Australian Work and Holiday Visa, we encourage you to learn how AAG can help get you there.

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