My Favorite Memory In America

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My Favorite Memory In America Contest – Participant Testimonials

My Favorite Memory

My Favorite Memory

AAG’s motto is “We help you write your own story.” Each year over 8,000 J-1 visa holders sponsored by AAG travel to the U.S. to experience cultural exchange in a unique way. To help capture their stories, we sponsored My Favorite Memory in America participant contest. Participants were asked to share their story in regards to their favorite memory in the U.S. no matter how big or small. Most participants who participated stated it was difficult to narrow it down to just one. Below are a few of our favorite stories received, which truly highlights how this program is really life changing and provides the opportunity for memories that will last a lifetime.

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my favorite memory

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My Favorite Memory Amir l.
Home Country: Philippines
Intern & Trainee Program: Grand Hotel

“A day living the luxurious life, a day full of laughers and a day that is very memorable. We went to Denver and watch the super fabulous Harlem Globetrotters, checked-in to the Ritz Carlton and dine. I felt like I was home, with mama bear and papa bear and of course my lovely pretty sisters. I won’t forget that moment, it was indeed unforgettable, until now, I can still feel how I felt from those moments.”


My Favorite Memory Yuka S.
Home Country: Japan
Intern & Trainee Program: Jal Hawaii

“This is my first time to live in the US. I’ll introduce about favorite memory. As soon as I came here in July, there was Independence Day of America, called July 4th. Around the week, many stores have sales and discounts so we can get everything cheaper. And then it held a fireworks event in the park splendidly. Before the fireworks, many people were getting gather and they were got so excited. Of course me, too. Eventually it begun the celebration, I heard thunderous applause around there and still fireworks were so beautiful. I was impressed. I felt American people love “America” so much and they are proud of being American citizen. My home country, Japan has also some holidays but there are few public events or celebration like here in the US. It was my good experience and getting to know how American celebrates holidays is important to understand cross cultural. At the same time, it is good opportunity to know and think about American history.”

my favorite memoryJenine P.
Home Country: Philippines
Intern & Trainee Program – The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

“My overall experience in America is an exquisite memory that I will be cherishing for the rest of life. Having to choose one memory is difficult because every bit of my American experiences had its own way of leaving delightful moments and it was all worth remembering, The very first time I stepped my feet on the snowy ground in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is the most amazing thing and wondrous moment I had. Coming from a tropical country, experiencing snow is a dream comes true. I get to enjoy my first winter while doing what I love to do and that’s to cook. This internship and cultural exchange program in America had immensely contributed to my career growth as well as personal growth. Living in America boosted my confidence with my new found independence which has taught me to trust myself even more and believe to what I am capable of with the right motivation. American culture is far-cry to our culture however, it is not a complicated thing to understand, it may be taunting for the first time yet it’s not hard to fall in love with its uniqueness, simplicity yet boldness that left me mesmerized and enchanted until now.”

My Favorite Memory Yiseul K.
Home Country: South Korea
Intern & Trainee Program – Wicked Fashions dba Southpole

“I have been doing internship program in New Jersey. I like to meet foreign friends and I am excited to do something special. That’s why I use MeetUp app. Through this app, I can make foreign friends and get some special experience.

The most memorable MeetUp experience was drawing picture on the wall of museum. It was fantastic and I could make good friends as well. So, I want to introduce this app to everybody like me.”


My Favorite Memory Mirjam-Johanna L.
Home Country: Estonia
Summer Work Travel Program – Giovanni Pastrami

“We had finished our jobs and were enjoying our last days in Hawaii, when my boyfriend and I decided to rent a convertible and go on a day-trip to North Shore. My number one goal of this day was to see a turtle lying on the sand and take a picture of it. I had heard a tip from my co-worker that there is a secret pathway next to the “official turtle beach” Laniakea beach and we wanted to leave that to our last beach-stop. We had driven around all day, gone to the different beaches but I still I hadn’t got my photo. When we finally went to this secret beach and walked along the coastline, we still didn’t see any of those magical creatures. I was already really sad, thinking I will have to leave the island in a few days without my dream picture, when I saw something. “Is that a rock….or…??” I asked from my boyfriend. We weren’t sure until we saw two other people approaching and looking at the “big rock”.

It was there. We then approached as well, slowly, not wanting to scare and disturb it. We took the photo – me lying next to the turtle on the sand. I was amazed. As I lied there we looked each other in the eyes, I smiled and felt a surreal connection with this marvelous animal. We then left, leaving it to rest. I was happy! It was a fairy tale-like experience – to see something so old but beautiful right next to you.”

My Favorite Memory Nefeli S.
Home Country: Greece
Intern & Trainee Program – Hotel Jerome

“My favorite story in America was about my own personal experience I’ve never come to this country before, and since I started living here, a wonderful story started. Throughout the winter season I got to see A LOT of snow, which I ever imagined I would see and I got to ski in crazy places. As soon as the season went by, spring came, and people were enjoying a smoother and warmer climate. It changes the whole landscape scene…., indeed summer was great!!!!! Activities and trips you can do are just unforgettable.., hikes up on mountains are simply unique…, and all these, in Aspen. Didn’t get the chance to travel around in CO, but I don’t regret it. Everything happens for a reason. I have met thousand people, I have made some very good friends and very good people that we will always stay together, as best friends.

The point of me coming here was to improve my knowledge, step forward, show to myself and others around me my skills and my strengths, as well as to learn also from my weaknesses.

It’s a very beautiful place, full in nature, full of many different US regions, and definitely full of culture.

Thank you very much!!!!!!”

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