#FauxPas Friday

22 May

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Welcome to AAG’s #Fauxpas Friday page. Here we will all commiserate on just one of the many things that makes traveling to different parts of the world so enthralling. More specifically we’re going to tell stories about how we did something while abroad that caused raised eyebrows and made people look at us sideways!


Rose’s #Fauxpas Friday

Thank you to Alliance Abroad Groups very own Rose for sharing her story of miscommunication down under while working at a very high-end hotel. “I was a receptionist at a hotel in Queensland for my first 6 months in Oz. While I was working at this hotel a new tapas bar opened across the street.

As the main receptionist for the evening shift(when all the guests check in) I was asked all the time “where is good to eat around here?”

For about a week I told guest after guest that a new tapas bar opened and they should go check it out. I got a lot of funny looks over this week. I didn’t think much of it as I couldn’t see that I was doing or saying anything to merit these funny looks.

One night, a regular guest of mine, Geoff, checked in and while we were chatting I told him about the new tapas bar. He immediately looked scandalized and asked me “They opened a what across the street?”

After a bit of confused questions, we realized that due to my accent the way that I pronounce “tapas” sounds just like the way a Queenslander pronounces “topless.” Basically I had been telling all the guests at the nicest hotel in town to check out the new “topless” bar across the street for a week!

This would have been a far more embarrassing situation except that all the guests I’d told to go to a “topless” bar had checked out by the time Geoff helped me realize why I was getting so many funny looks. After that I just told guests that a new restaurant had opened and they should give it a try. “

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