#Fauxpas Friday: When you Assume

19 Jun

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This week’s #Fauxpas Friday comes from former participant Jane who made the common mistake of assuming, and you know what they say when you assume.

I had just arrived in Australia and was looking for housing. Many of the ads I saw included the line “en suite” among the list of amenities included in the room. I also noticed that the hotel I worked for said that all their rooms included “en suite.” Based on these two things I concluded that “en suite” must mean a built in closet as opposed to a free standing wardrobe. One day while I was being trained to take phone reservations this came up with two of my Aussie co-workers. I told them I thought I had figured out what it meant on my own. They both started laughing and I took it from their reaction that is not what it meant. Turns out it means the same as a private bathroom. Super glad they cleared that up for me before I had any really confusing conversations with guests.

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