#FauxPas Friday: Lost in Trains-Lation

12 Jun

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This week’s #fauxpas comes from Lauren, a member of AAG’s Support team. This is certainly a story we can all relate to.

“I was on a train from London to Edinburgh with some fellow students while on study abroad. We all got off the train in Edinburgh, but I realized I’d left something on the train and ran back on to get it. As I’m turning to leave the train once again I hear the bells go off signaling that the train is departing. I run to the door just in time for it to close in my face with all my friends on the other side. I had no idea where the next stop would be until I arrived in Motherwell, Scotland an hour and a half away from planned destination. I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely Scottish man who bought me a cup of tea while I waited an hour for the next train headed back to Edinburgh. I arrived back to the station in Edinburgh to find all my friends had made themselves at home in the train station’s pub. Luckily for me, they were still up for another pint!”

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