#Fauxpas Friday: Beaches Are For The Birds

17 Jul

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#Fauxpas Friday is back with another story from a worldly traveler who learned that while we may sit atop the food chain, not every animal has gotten that memo.

Matt, a Work Experience Participant in 2013 had an interesting encounter with a few birds that left him hungry for a safer place to eat lunch.

“I have always had an irrational fear of birds, and in Australia there are birds everywhere and I swear they’re on steroids because they are so huge. My first week there, I made the mistake of trying to walk down Manly Beach while eating a sandwich. There were SO MANY SEAGULLS and one actually attacked me and flew into the back of my head and continued to try to take my lunch out of my hands. I screamed like I was being murdered and dropped my sandwich on the ground and took off running. Quite a few people nearby laughed.”


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