#Fauxpas Friday: Plains and Automobiles

5 Jun

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This week’s #Fauxpas Friday entry comes from Nick, AAG’s Social Media Manager. Nick’s story is about his first trip out of the US and why you should always read the fine print!

When I was traveling to Jamaica for my friend’s wedding, I thought I had all the details down. Turns out my penchant for just scanning itineraries and travel documents would be my undoing. I was flying into Montego Bay where a driver would be waiting for me and three other guests who would be arriving at roughly the same time to drive us down to Negril. I was under the impression that our names would be on the sign that the driver would be holding. As usual my flight was 2 hours late and when I walked out of the airport I was met with dozens of cab drivers all yelling at me to get in their cab. I searched high and low for my name on a sign and saw nothing. I assumed that the other passengers arrived on time and the bus left without me. I got scared and was starting to buckle under the pressure of the yelling. I finally just picked a guy at random and we agreed to a $90 ride to Negril, a two hour drive away. The driver sped through small streets while singing reggae to himself the whole trip since his radio was busted. Thankfully we made it safe and sound, but I was shocked to see that the driver I was expecting to be waiting for me showed up five minutes later with 3 people that were on the same flight as me. He was actually standing next to the guy I drove with, holding a sign that said the name of the transportation company. Upon further review of my itinerary I saw in big bold letters, “Driver will be holding a sign with the name of the company on it.” Doh!!!

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