Father's Day

29 May

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Father’s day is right around the corner. Unlike Mother’s Day, which was established in 1908, it was not until decades later that Father’s day became an official holiday. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson declared the third Sunday in June as the official day to observe Father’s Day and in 1972, President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making it a permanent U.S. holiday.

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This day is not only a wonderful opportunity to admire our fathers but also a chance for cultural exchange. We would like to recommend that you designate a bulletin board to honor your fathers. This is a creative opportunity for your international and domestic staff to introduce their fathers on the Wall of Distinction with a photo and short story of what they appreciate most about their fathers. It’s also a chance for your international staff to share Father’s Day traditions in their home countries.

Father’s Day Around the World

  • In Argentina, they celebrate on the 3rd Sunday in June.
  • In Australia, they celebrate on the 1st Sunday in September.
  • In Brazil, they celebrate on the 2nd Sunday in August.
  • In Bulgaria, they celebrate on June 20th.
  • In Iran, they celebrate on the 13th of Rajabth of on the birth anniversary of Imam Ali, the first Imam of Shia Muslims.
  • In Mexico they celebrate with an unofficial holiday on 3rd Sunday in June.
  • In Philippines, it is widely observed on the 3rd Sunday in June but is not an official holiday.
  • In Thailand, they celebrate on the birthday of the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej which is December 5th.
  • In Turkey, they celebrate on the 3rd Sunday in June.
  • In Russia, they continue the USSR tradition of celebrating Defender of the Fatherland Day instead of Father’s Day. It is usually called “Men’s Day” and it is considered the Russian equivalent of Father’s Day and celebrated on February 23rd.
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