Experience Seeker or Tourist?

20 Nov

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Define your Travel Persona before Booking your Next Trip

According to our friends at Tourism Australia, Australia is the ideal destination for Experience Seekers. They define an “Experience Seeker” as a self-challenging traveler looking for a unique, involving and personal experience. Experience Seekers travel to gain self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment as well as to enrich their lives.

By their definition, Experience Seekers spend more time on their travels and generally want to:
• Connect with locals
• Have an adventure
• Explore nature
• Enjoy the coast

In contrast, Tourism Australia defines a Tourist as a traveler who wants to feel at home away from home and prefers to travel “in style”. A Tourist travels to escape from their day-to-day life, get peace of mind and improve personal happiness.

So, which type of traveler are you? Do you just want to get away or do you want to challenge yourself with a unique, personal experience?Experience seeker

Identifying who you are and what you want out of your travels is essential to picking the right destination and overall experience. Especially when planning an extended trip.

Alliance Abroad Group specializes in helping Experience Seekers get to Australia. If you are 18-30, we can secure you a job for 6-12 months in Australia, giving you the funds and time to fully experience this great land. Check out our Work Experience Australia program here.

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