Encounter Culture - November Regulations Highlight

Regulations Highlight

Regulations Highlight: November 2013

“The Summer Work Travel Program purpose is to provide foreign college and university students with opportunities to interact with U.S. citizens, experience U.S. culture while sharing their own cultures with Americans they meet, travel in the United States, and work in jobs that require minimal training and are seasonal or temporary in order to earn funds to help defray a portion of their expenses. Employment is of a seasonal nature when the required service is tied to a certain time of the year by an event or pattern and requires labor levels above and beyond existing worker levels. Employment is of a temporary nature when an employer’s need for the duties to be performed is a one-time occurrence, a peak load need, or an intermittent need. It is the nature of employers’ needs, not the nature of the duties that is controlling.” – {62.32 (b)}

Key Employer Responsibilities – As reference in {62.32 (o) 1- 5} “Sponsors may place participants only with host employers that agree to:”

1. Make good faith efforts to provide participants the number of hours of paid employment per week as identified on their job offers and agreed to when the sponsors vetted the jobs;

2. Pay eligible participants for overtime worked in accordance with applicable State or Federal law;

3. Notify sponsors promptly when participants arrive at the work sites to begin their programs; when there are any changes or deviations in the job placements during the participants’ programs; when participants are not meeting the requirements of their job placements; or when participants leave their positions ahead of their planned departures;

4. Contact sponsors immediately in the event of any emergency involving participants or any situations that impact their health, safety, or welfare; and

5. In those instances when the employer provides housing or transportation, agree to provide suitable and acceptable accommodations and/or reliable, affordable, and convenient transportation.

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