Duration of Participation - Regulations Highlight

Duration of Participation

Regulations Highlights: Duration of Participation

The following regulations specify the duration of participation for J1 program placements.

{62.32 – Summer Work Travel}

c) Duration of participation. Summer Work Travel participants are authorized to participate in the Exchange Visitor Program for up to four months during the long break between academic years as determined by the Department of State. Extensions of program participation are not permitted. Official Link

{62.22 – Trainees and Interns}

(k) Duration. The duration of participation in a training and internship program must be established before a sponsor issues a Form DS-2019 and must not exceed the sponsor’s authorized designation as set forth in the sponsor’s letter of designation or most recent letter of redesignation. Except as noted below, the maximum duration of a training program is 18 months, and the maximum duration of an internship program is 12 months. For training programs in the field of agriculture and in the occupational category of Hospitality and Tourism, the maximum duration of program participation is 12 months. If an original T/IPP specifies that at least six months of a program includes related classroom participation and studies, training programs in the field of agriculture may be designated for a total duration of 18 months. Program extensions are permitted within the maximum duration as set forth in the letter of designation/redesignation provided that the need for an extended training or internship program is documented by the full completion and execution of a new Form DS-7002. Official Link

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Duration of Participation

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